Per Stinquer Dodgerblue’s request, enjoy this video of Michelle Obama working out. I had to explain to him that she is not wearing a leotard per se, but there are a few close-ups of her pecs and deltoids. Prepare for Faux News outrage in 3…2…1. She has some mad jump rope skills. I would have either strangled myself on the rope or tripped on my face doing some of her moves.

When Shelley Oh! hits it out of the parque, it is great.  Jason Wu, who designed her dress for the first inauguration, got the honors again.

The bangs are forgiven. Mostly. More pics after the jump. Dodgerblue better grab a fan, she’s pretty hawt.

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For everyone who might need a break from the asshattery that seems to be too prevalent these days.

Puppeh! Wearing rabbit ears!

Shelley Oh! and Bo hanging out with soldiers and their families at Walter Reed:

And this year Bo has his own egg for tomorrow’s Easter Egg Roll.

This video is an amazing thing of beauty. Watch Michelle Obama dance the Running Man with a bunch of middle schoolers in D.C.

Warning to Str8 Men, or at least DodgerBlue – she does some serious hip grinding in there that may bring excitement to you. If your excitement lasts for more than four hours, contact your physician.

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