FLOTUS Fitness Tips

Per Stinquer Dodgerblue’s request, enjoy this video of Michelle Obama working out. I had to explain to him that she is not wearing a leotard per se, but there are a few close-ups of her pecs and deltoids. Prepare for Faux News outrage in 3…2…1. She has some mad jump rope skills. I would have either strangled myself on the rope or tripped on my face doing some of her moves.


4:49 pm • Wednesday • May 20, 2015

Wouldn’t be surprised if she honed that footwork playing double Dutch as a kid. Meanwhile, I would break an ankle attempting those bench squats.

11:01 pm • Thursday • May 21, 2015

@mellbell: No shit, I step up on the bench facing forward and knock it over. I could never figure out how to double Dutch, despite hours of trying in elementary school. I was a spaz when I was 7, I’m a spaz now.

1:54 pm • Sunday • May 24, 2015

45 lbs?!!

*drops 10lb weights, runs out to Sports Authority*

1:56 pm • Monday • June 1, 2015

whoa wait….POTUS gets to hit that on a regular occasional if-he’s-lucky basis?

Dayum, dude prolly needs Secret Service on the stand by in case his skinny ass gets crushed.

2:05 am • Saturday • June 13, 2015

FLOTUS needs to get herself over to the Comptroller of the Currency and teach those moves to the bank examiners.

“HEY, ASSHOLE! Your REO ratios are whacked. Time to stomp your face, ASSHOLE!”

10:13 am • Saturday • June 13, 2015

@FlyingChainSaw: CHAINSAW!!!! Howdy stranger!

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