Yes, he was a tyrant and a terrorist who was likely suffering from mental illness. And now his country is free of his iron-hand rule. But on a lighter note, Muammar el-Qaddafi (I go with the Gray Lady’s spelling) never failed to impress over the decades with his sartorial choices.  You could always count on Qaddafi to add a touch of  um….well…something to international summits and meetings.  Let’s review, shall we?

(1) While this is a rather sedate ensemble by Qaddafi standards, I figured we needed to start with Muammar and his crush Condi:

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Tired of ranting nobodies? Sick of ignorant cry-babies? Weary of christianist fascists? Plus there’s nothing on TV?

Here’s something to soothe the savage breast.

Brazil’s Fanny Brice in a witty rendition of a Chattanooga Choo Choo. Seen here, released from the iron grip of Busby Berkley’s boring ’ography, CM’s charm and grace can be better appreciated. Hermes Pan lets her shine.

John Osborne’s fave movie star.

Our guest columnist is the General Services Administration.

One lot to consist of hoodie and sunglasses. Kaczynski used different methods to disguise his identity when he traveled to commit Unabom crimes. He maintained several different pairs of sunglasses. Included among the sunglasses were these, strongly resembling those believed to have been worn by Kaczynski when he was seen in February of 1987 in Salt Lake City as he committed yet another Unabom crime. A subsequent artist drawing based on the memory of the witness resulted in the infamous sketch the mysterious Unabomber wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and aviator sunglasses. This was the only time during all of the Unabom crimes that the subject was ever seen. The artist drawing became a universal symbol of the hunt for the Unabomber and has been circulated worldwide.

This item is being sold “As Is, Where Is” with no attestation as to the accuracy of the description and the condition. No refunds will be issued.

Hoodie and Sunglasses [GSA Auctions]

Bidding Underway As Feds Auction Off The Unabomber’s Stuff [TPM]

Did our Stinquers in Texas feel the cosmic collision of pretty-boy rumored-gay politicians and their hair-dos when California Lt. Gov. Gavin “Mayor McDreamy” Newsom and his slicked ‘do met up with Texas Gov. Rick “Good Hair” Perry?

The Californians were in Austin for an international visit to make nice, though California Treasurer Bill Lockyer crowed to the LA Times that “someone just turned the lights on in the bar, and the sexiest state doesn’t look so pretty anymore” with respect to Texas’ budget crisis. Gov. Good Hair boasted of his “hunting trips” to California to woo businesses to Texas. Mayor McDreamy said he was “sick and tired” of Perry coming to California.

No word if they ever resolved the fight over whether a hair dryer diffuser or pomade leads to more memorable hair. Like the Israel-Palestine issue, I don’t think we can resolve the Newsom-Perry hair fight.  But now boyz. Can’t we work it all out on the dance floor at Oil Can Harry’s?

UPDATE: Texans also have their panties in a wad because NASA (you know, purveyors of science and target of teabaggers) is sending a space shuttle to Kahleefornya…and worse yet, Nuu Yawk City.

[SF Chronicle]

Alan Hale, a Republican representative for The Great State of Montana, says that DUI laws are “destroying a way of life”. Alan Hale also happens to own the Silver Saddle Bar and Café in The Great Census-Designated Place of Basin. And we suspect that Alan Hale was enjoying a delicious glass of his own product when he wrote his campaign statement.

But never mind all that. As you can see from the video, Alan Hale rocks a bitchin’ beard and Gambler Tie. Alan Hale makes us proud, if just a wee bit frightened, to be American.

Bar-Owning GOP Montana State Representative Says Stricter DUI Laws Are ‘Destroying A Way Of Life’ [ThinkProgress]

Asshat/drug addict/pill-popper/sack of shit Rush Limbaugh joined Talibunny and Michele Bachman in the onslaught of attacks on Michelle Obama’s “Get Moving” nutrition campaign, criticizing her on Monday for eating ribs. On today’s show, Jabba insisted that his comments were not “below the belt” because “take a look at some pictures. Given where she wears her belts, I mean she wears them high up there around the bust line. Isn’t just about everything about her below the belt when you look at the fashion sense she has?”

Now Rush. FSM knows that I and other members of the Stinque Fashion team have sighed in exasperation with Shelley Oh’s tendency to wear her belts high. But it comes from a place of love, just like Tom and Lo over at Project Rungay. And you, of all people, should not be commenting on fashion.

Stinque After Dark Update: Bonus shot for str8 guys — you owe me, Dodger — of Shelley Oh’s sexy muscular legs and latest unfortunate belt placement is after the jump.

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“Calling all Iott Volunteers! Please join us for this very special pre-election rally with House Minority Leader, John Boehner. What a great way to start off our pre-election weekend. Please wear any Iott gear you may have!” [Iott campaign website, via The Atlantic]