The Fashionista of Tripoli

Yes, he was a tyrant and a terrorist who was likely suffering from mental illness. And now his country is free of his iron-hand rule. But on a lighter note, Muammar el-Qaddafi (I go with the Gray Lady’s spelling) never failed to impress over the decades with his sartorial choices.  You could always count on Qaddafi to add a touch of  um….well…something to international summits and meetings.  Let’s review, shall we?

(1) While this is a rather sedate ensemble by Qaddafi standards, I figured we needed to start with Muammar and his crush Condi:

(2) Here he is in a nice purple number:


(3)  Here he is touring Versailles:


(4) Here’s he’s  hanging with Silvio Burlusconi on a visit to Italy. The photo pinned to his uniform? A Libyan resistance fighter who the Italians hanged in the 1930s. Nobody ever accused him of not being confrontational:


(5)  Um. Wow. This is some bling:


(6) Here he is in a mustard yellow number:


(7)  And of course, when the upholstery and curtains just won’t do, let’s go to the fallback military uniform decorated with pie pans:



What kills me is the service pins on his military uniform aren’t actually pins. It’s one big patch.

Re: No. 1 – Now I have a Condi crush, too. Yow. Jamie could go as her for Halloween.
Re: No. 4 – “I am sooo fucking hungover. Someone turn down those goddamn trombones.”
Re: No. 5 – from the Carlos Santana collection.
Re: No. 6 – Solomon Burke in the background?
/scrolls back for another look at No. 1

@redmanlaw: OMG, total Carlos Santana. I was trying to figure out who I thought Qaddafi was channeling in some of those photos. You nailed it.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: There were some other photos of him where you could really tell it was one big flat thing pinned to his chest. Too much effort to have separate service pins? Service for what? Blowing up airplanes?

Pic 3… it seems the late Muammar’s eyes are focused on the statue horse’s ass and everyone else is trying not to obviously make a connection between Muammar and horse’s ass.


I’m lol’ing over here listening to testimony in the bar hearing of the former Maricopa County Attorney and two of his minions. One of them is on the stand now, claiming that she didn’t know anything about the RICO case she handled or anything about RICO law. The irony to her “I’m an inexperienced moron” schtick is that she runs a right-wing blog called “The Intellectual Conservative.”

I can’t wait for Princess Sparkle Pony’s review of Condi pix with Gaddafi/Khadaffy(the weird MSNBC spelling)/Qaddafi.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: “I thought ‘RICO law’ was like the cough drop. How hard could that be?” she said.

I am a construction lawyer today, btw. Yesterday I was counsel on an ethics case. Tomorrow I’m out looking for Mr. Elk. Hunt starts Saturday.

@redmanlaw: Careful if you approach an eight-point buck. I’ll explain later.

Looks like Homes was captured alive.

/pleased to see someone packing a big fat revolver at the 10 second mark

ADD: Condi confronts her ex, Jack Donaghey.

Fred Armisen can play him in the teevee moo-vee.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Yeah, conservatards are incapable of comprehending irony.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: thanks for the hookup to the intellectual conservative. i responded to the ads so i’ll soon be enjoying magic comedy and 3 conservative books for $1. lucky me.

@¡Andrew!: Let’s hope his Gaddafi is better than his Obama. Good FSM.

@jwmcsame: She just testified that she’s been working as a “social media consultant” for the past year, which is hilarious when you see what a gawdawful mess her website looks like.

Muamaar Howeverthefuckyouspellit is totally checking out that horse’s package.

No. 1, that sash is concealing the Hardon Of The People.

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