Go Fightin’ Pederasts!

What’s this?

Militia supporter Darren Wesley Huff, of Dallas, Ga., stands by his pick-up truck during a lunch break Tuesday while being tried on federal gun charges. Huff allegedly traveled in April 2010 to the Monroe County Courthouse with a handgun and an AK-47 to serve a “citizens’ arrest warrant” on local judges and law officers. The Greek inscription means “come and take them,” reportedly spoken by the Spartans in response to a demand to surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae.

If you’re not up on your Ancient Greek History, don’t worry — neither is Mr. Huff. We’ll bet he doesn’t know shit about Thermopylae, but can recite the movie “300” start to finish.

Whereas the other end of the Protest Spectrum is all over “V for Vendetta”, since we’re equally confident that they don’t know shit about Guy Fawkes.

What is it with Angry People and comic-book movies these days? Why don’t they stick to the Classics, like Star Trek and Star Wars?

Man accused of courthouse takeover goes on trial [Knoxville News Sentinel, via jwmcsame]

skinhead Huff was serving his citizens arrest warrant on Monroe county officials because a grand jury there refused to indict Obama on treason charges.

“Why don’t they stick to the Classics, like Star Trek and Star Wars?”

Too liebrul

300 was written by sort of talented (Batman Year One) wingnut/racist/homophobe Frank Miller and Guy Fawkes is a wingnut hero.

Anyone see the “Sign this petition for US America’s #1 Gubbiner, Bobby Jindal ad”?

Why do these guys always look like Kerry King from Slayer?

Click “supersize” for the full Slaytanic effect.

@ManchuCandidate: You know the Brits still burn him in effigy every Nov 5th? Oh well, of course you do, you live in Little Britain.

Um. Is it me or is there something wrong about the Spartans as lovers of buttsecks? I thought they were against the whole idea. They were more Man on Hoplite. Wasn’t it the Sacred Band of Thebes who took man love to a whole nother level? I daresay Catt will know. He tried to enlist but was over the age limit. I could look it up but can’t be bothered. And since I don’t have Siri to help we’re all shit out of luck.

Oh and plus 300 is fucking drivel.

@redmanlaw: There was a guy that used to come around here begging business that looks similar. He was a power lifter, civil war re-enactor (losing side), and scottish highland games competitor where they toss telephone polls, throw hammers, herd sheep, and blow bag pipes.

@Benedick: I’m no Classicist — my references are limited to The Symposium — but let’s check what seems to be a reasonably authoritative Wikipedia article:

Sparta, a Dorian polis, is thought to be the first city to practice athletic nudity, and one of the first to formalize pederasty. The Spartans believed that the love of an older, accomplished aristocrat for an adolescent was essential to his formation as a free citizen. The agoge, the education of the ruling class, was thus founded on pederastic relationships required of each citizen. The lover was responsible for the boy’s training. Pederasty and military training were intimately connected in Sparta, as in many other cities. The Spartans, claims Athenaeus, sacrificed to Eros before every battle.

One of the footnotes refers to a scholarly work delightfully entitled Same-Sex Desire and Love in Greco-Roman Antiquity and in the Classical Tradition of the West.

Other than that, “Spartans” were my junior-high mascot, so I’m full of shits & giggles every time.

@SanFranLefty: We’ve had about three or four here in Northern New Mexico/Southern Colorado in the past month. (Consult your local geologist.) I think I felt the one north of Santa Fe last week. This place has a lot of past volcanic and current geothermal activity.

@nojo: I’ve got that beside my bed. Right next to Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition. I thought the Spartans did not do that and despised the Athenian May/December thing (I forget the real terms). The Spartans brought their children up in barracks away from their parents. But whenever a society has made an idol of its military elite it has almost always supported a complex homosexual culture: China with the Society of the Cut Sleeve; the Samurai; The Prussians (Frederick, etc); any navy worth its salt (see what I did there); and I can’t think it’s any different now.

We just watched Bitter Rice. Wow. Wow wow wow.

@Benedick: Sparta did regard Athens as soft, as far as I know (which isn’t much). But when yours is a thoroughly militarized culture, I would think that’s somewhat inevitable.


We just had a second earthquake. Both were centered in Berkeley, about 3 miles from my house – scared the wee out of me.

Both were “only” 3.9, but when they’re that close, they get your attention.

Speaking of Slayer, “Reign in Blood” came out 25 years ago this month.

“Raining Blood”

Something newer by Weedeater, from a world where sauropods have electric guitars . . .

Looks like Art and Culture night here.

@Walking Still: I was recently watching an old Kevin Pollak video podcast with Henry Winkler, when they suddenly noticed a wee earthquake passing through the Malibu studio.

Hey! It was my earthquake! Only not nearly as pants-shitting a hundred miles north…

@nojo: I remain convinced that the October 89 Loma Prieta quake was (and remains) the natural disaster most immediately communicated to the world – 0r at least within the U.S. You can’t beat an earthquake rocking a World Series game for getting people’s attention.

I was in San Diego when it hit – a good distance to be from that sucker. I’d just finished up a week of depositions and picked up son #2 from his grandparents. I was about to head to the airport when Grandpa said “you might want to wait a bit”.

@Walking Still: I don’t even watch baseball, and I knew about that one within minutes. Pre-Internet, at that.

ADD: Come to think of it, I was probably listening to All Things Considered at that moment. Hadn’t given up on NPR yet.

@Benedick: If you haven’t been to The Barnes, you must go before those fuckers move it. Fuckers! and hit me up. We’ll go to Distrito and get drunk on sangria. Might could arrange it when baked is in CONUS.

@Walking Still: I was in Temecula for Northridge. Long one.

@nojo: My buddy and I were heading out of Albuquerque for a camping and fishing trip to Colorado (we ended up in the Gila Wilderness in SW New Mexico because of a storm up north, but anyway . . .), The game went out on the radio so we said fuck it and popped in a cassette and didn’t hear about the quake for about two or three days.

@Walking Still: How come you’re not at the Yosemite boondoggle?

@JNOV: It’s already too late to see the Barnes in Lower Merion — everything’s been mothballed for some months in preparation for the move. I only learned of it my senior year, and planned to visit with my family at graduation. When that fell apart, I didn’t pursue it any further. Now I’m kicking myself.

@mellbell: NOOOOOOOOO!

They claim the new set up on the Ben Ben Parkway will be the same, but really? Fucking assholes.

@JNOV: i saw this documentary about the barnes art collection a while back:

@jwmcsame: YES! I’ve seen it! Funny thing, my dad went to Lincoln, and he supports moving the art. O_o

@Dodgerblue: I usually only go when I speak – saves on the office travel budget. That’s gotten me there a few times, but not this year.

It is quite the boondoggle with the afternoon hikes and late night parties.

@JNOV: That one, overall did a lot more damage than Loma Prieta. Temecula is a decent distance from the epicenter (one of the few good things to say about Temecula), but I bet is was still quite a ride.

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