Supernova of Newsom Hair v. Perry Hair

Did our Stinquers in Texas feel the cosmic collision of pretty-boy rumored-gay politicians and their hair-dos when California Lt. Gov. Gavin “Mayor McDreamy” Newsom and his slicked ‘do met up with Texas Gov. Rick “Good Hair” Perry?

The Californians were in Austin for an international visit to make nice, though California Treasurer Bill Lockyer crowed to the LA Times that “someone just turned the lights on in the bar, and the sexiest state doesn’t look so pretty anymore” with respect to Texas’ budget crisis. Gov. Good Hair boasted of his “hunting trips” to California to woo businesses to Texas. Mayor McDreamy said he was “sick and tired” of Perry coming to California.

No word if they ever resolved the fight over whether a hair dryer diffuser or pomade leads to more memorable hair. Like the Israel-Palestine issue, I don’t think we can resolve the Newsom-Perry hair fight.  But now boyz. Can’t we work it all out on the dance floor at Oil Can Harry’s?

UPDATE: Texans also have their panties in a wad because NASA (you know, purveyors of science and target of teabaggers) is sending a space shuttle to Kahleefornya…and worse yet, Nuu Yawk City.

[SF Chronicle]

Kahleephonya makes sense as the Shuttles were made there (thanks Nixon!)

Nu Yawk City sort of makes sense because that’s where people want to actually go to visit. I can count on zero fingers the times I’ve said “Hey I really want to visit Houston this year” and I don’t think I am alone.*

*I’ve been to Nu Yawk City twice (and considering going back a 3rd time later this year but that is undecided.)

@ManchuCandidate: Naturally the LAT article includes idiots commenting on it that Texas should have the shuttle because “all the white people who built the shuttle” have left California.

NYC has the big thing-a-majig on the UWS on the Hudson with all the ships and shit. Stick the shuttle there and charge folks 20 bucks a pop to come on board.

And if Dallas is the armpit of Texas, Houston is its anus. And I’m saying that as someone who has friends and family living there.

@SanFranLefty: Barbara Bush lives in Houston. The most damning thing I know about the city.

@lynnlightfoot: I’ve had no use for Houston since the Oilers left the city.

@lynnlightfoot: At one time (not sure it’s still the case) British diplomats stationed at the consulate in Houston were paid for a “hostile climate” due to the unbelievable heat and humidity.

I got a big chortle over this visit as it was it was billed as a trip to see Perry’s “TEXAS MIRACLE”
Massive teacher layoffs, nursing homes threatened with closure,the jobless rate 8.1%.
BTW,I think Perry’s hair looks damaged.

@texrednface: Yeah, it’s weird how Texas’s $26 billion revenue/budget collapse rarely makes the nooz–be rude to mention it I guess, since budget deficits are clearly only a Blue State problem caused by too much Communisms.

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