By Their Tweets Ye Shall Know Them

Following the discovery yesterday of That can be my next tweet, a new Internet service that creates a meta-tweet from your existing messages, we thought we’d test it against the Twitter accounts of potential Republican Presidential candidates to see whether we can gain some electoral insight. We think you’ll agree that they make much more sense this way.

Candidate Composite Tweet
Donald Trump I’m real scared. airs tonight on The Apprentice back to tune in on Donald Trump Fabulous World of your.
Michele Bachmann With safety protocols, companies must be on Fox News. This Deal is just released budget.
Mitt Romney Laughing with Tagg, Ann and pointing out my video opposing the world. Thank you for doing what’s?

Sarah Palin If wit/wisdom, style/scholarship r the uninhabited lands that illegal?MT Ah yes…Bristol-the-diva!
Tim Pawlenty We need to Close the situation in Miami Yes,I’ll be in the interceptions! Skol Vikings!
Rick Santorum Keep Hope Alive! Go Yes we go! This speech is running short to achieve strategic objective.
Newt Gingrich Good event. and Vascular Institute.

Judging by this output, Caribou Barbie should let the AI write her tweets in the future. :)

Nojo, I implore that you always continue to illustrate Rick Santorum with the logo from Alternatively, illustrate him with his family.

Never gets old, and guarantees a pick-me-up smile every time I see it.

Question: Tweets; are they public speech or private?

@al2o3cr: They’d make a helluva lot more sense than the current word salads.

There’s a firestorm of invective at JMG aimed at Brett Easton Ellis over a couple of tweets he sent out. Not I’m not ever planning on twittering but I’m puzzled by the amount of vitriol this has generated. Not that the tweets aren’t stupid, but they strike me as the kind of thing one might say among friends. Posted without any context they have a surreal quality. I thought that the point of tweets was that they should be intimate and spontaneous, essentially private in nature. Wondering what people here think about it on account of the whole clueless thing I’m workin yo.

Heya Happy ! Heya Happy Follow Friday! HAHAHAHAHA! 9:27pm ET: MSNBC runs Olbermann quits Countdown.

Guess I haven’t been on Twitter for awhile. Um.

How does that damn thing work? (Not Twitter)

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