Jabba the Hut Offers His Thoughts on FLOTUS Fashion

Asshat/drug addict/pill-popper/sack of shit Rush Limbaugh joined Talibunny and Michele Bachman in the onslaught of attacks on Michelle Obama’s “Get Moving” nutrition campaign, criticizing her on Monday for eating ribs. On today’s show, Jabba insisted that his comments were not “below the belt” because “take a look at some pictures. Given where she wears her belts, I mean she wears them high up there around the bust line. Isn’t just about everything about her below the belt when you look at the fashion sense she has?”

Now Rush. FSM knows that I and other members of the Stinque Fashion team have sighed in exasperation with Shelley Oh’s tendency to wear her belts high. But it comes from a place of love, just like Tom and Lo over at Project Rungay. And you, of all people, should not be commenting on fashion.

Stinque After Dark Update: Bonus shot for str8 guys — you owe me, Dodger — of Shelley Oh’s sexy muscular legs and latest unfortunate belt placement is after the jump.


Thank you, I really needed this. As Rod the Mod says: she’s got legs right up to her neck!

Rush obviously has no idea what a woman who is actually shaped like a woman looks like.

She’s gorgeous. It’s not a belt it’s a sash. It balances the chrome yaller of the shoes. Brava.

I picture Michelle grabbing Rush’s finger and pulling back until she has him cowering at her feet whimpering, “Ow ow ow ow ow” and “I take it back, I take it back.”

@blogenfreude: He orders one from a catalog every few years apparently for a wedding photo op.

Wonder how wifey #4 likes motorboating Rash’s D-cup titties.

Didja ever have a thought you wish you could unthink?

It’s hard to understand the beauty (and sartorial challenges) of high-waisted women when all you’ve ever (carnally) known is underage Dominican boys.

You forgot he’s also a coward and a limp dick.

I think MO is very attractive.

@¡Andrew!: Darling ¡A!, it’s 6:30 in the morning. I’m on my first cup of coffee. I will need a pot of coffee and a pot of bleach, thank you very much.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Excellent point.

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