Witless goon Fuckface von Clownstick flashes a thumbs up to imaginary admirers while wandering around the West Wing today, randomly shouting commands to his snickering staff and controller, the twisted freak and neonazi Steve Bannon.

Metrosexual trust fund twit Fuckface Von Clownstick will not see 2018 as Precedent because even fascist dictators have to know how to use a bathroom without causing a crisis. In what, 11 days?, Steve Bannon’s chew toy has managed to expose his administration to multiple impeachable train wrecks and turned the US in a pariah state that makes Chuck Taylor’s Liberia look like Monte Carlo.

We are comforted by the fact that there are bigger, more savage and more diabolical assholes in government and industry than even Bannon and his chew toy, all of which are planning on how to dispatch joy boy. The Chicago Tribune reviewed some of the mechanisms that are available for ejecting a terminally incompetent fuckwit like Von Clownstick.

We review and comment on them here for your edification and to proffer talking points that you can provide to your elected representatives in your hourly phone calls to Congress demanding removal of von Clownstick.

First: Wait until 2020. No, not another day. The piece of shit has to be removed. You know it. The Koch Brothers know it. Everyone who didn’t vote for Von Clownstick and most of those who didn’t know it.


SEE!? SEE!? Donnie make moo! Donnie make moo!

Second: Impeachment. Reasonable except when you consider the fact that Mike Pence would replace Bannon’s chew toy, declare himself Ayatollah and commit the National Guard to murdering homosexuals, rounding up single women and selling them at government sponsored bazaars.

Third: 25th Amendment. Right. See above. After getting a majority of cabinet heads and the VP to agree on executive incompetence, Pence would take control of the USA! and promptly repeal the 13th, 14th and 19th Amendments.

Fourth: Coup. Really likely, given how batshit crazy Bannon is and how completely helpless Fuckface von Clownstick is in his hands.

The states may find itself in the kind of situations experienced by 20th century Turkey, with hardliner islamist governments being pressed into order by a secular military. The professional military, steeped in centuries now of the limits of their role and the primacy of preserving a civil order, is odds on to simply refuse to execute an insane order from von Clownstick that obviously endangers the republic or breaks constitutional principles.

Removal of a president by the Joint Chiefs? No. Far more likely, if not inevitable is a formal referral to the Congress for impeachment for abuse of power and abuse of military in obvious excess of its constitutional role after the Pentagon refuses a clearly criminal order.

That would place the Congress in a bizarre bind, having to resist the demands of the most admired institution in American civil life – in defense of a madman who has abused it to the obvious peril of the institution and the national order. If the GOP Congress isn’t crazy, they’ll remove Bannon’s chew toy and his cast of intriguers and leave a hopefully chastened Pence to manage a caretaker government until some grown-ups could stand for 2020 elections.





“If the GOP Congress isn’t crazy, ….”

Ha ha ha ha, you’re so cute Chainsaw when you make me laugh at your hopeful optimistic statements like that.

Crazy to the extend of suicidal in abandoning the appearance of interest in conventional governance is what I meant. You’re right. It’s dangerous being glib about the frontiers between complete fucking asshole and clinically insane.

@FlyingChainSaw: Pruitt, by way of illustration, is a nasty asshole but not insane. Gorsuch, same. Ben Carson — you know.

@Dodgerblue: They managed to find a guy who’s been a federal judge for over a decade and yet never ruled on Roe v. Wade. How conveeenient.

Lyan and McCONnell made it crystal clear yesterday that they don’t care what illegal and unconstitional treason their fascist demagogue carries out. They now approve of rule by executive order after eight blistering years of condeming it. We just had our “we’ve always been at war with Eurasia” moment.

A total psychopath with no conscience is leading a party with no principles or morals. They will never impeach, and they’re all going down with the ship while screaming their Heil Twitlers.

This will bounce off the RepubliKKKans, but it will demostrate support for ending this living nightmare.


Sign it and post on FB. Over 500,000 have already signed.

@mellbell: And I’m sure he has never had a thought about it either.

@Dodgerblue: Pruitt is going to be much worse than Gorsuch’s mom with the EPA. He will be harder to dislodge for corruption and I don’t think Trump can be embarrassed the way Saint Ronald was to force a request for dismissal.

@¡Andrew!: Proud to say that a law school classmate of mine & JNOV’s is one of the ones leading us on this rush to the bayonets,

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