Harley Davidson Finds Precedent Fuckface Von Clownstick Too Repulsive to Allow Into Milwaukee Factory


These guys are too sensitive to expose to a heinous criminally insane freak of nature like Precedent Von Clownstick.

Idiot tool Precedent Fuckface Von Clownstick was barred from visiting a motorcycle factory in Milwaukee because management understands what a hated piece of shit the trust fund twit is and feared for the reputation of the brand.

Von Clownstick decided he was going to show up and sign some royal proclamations that were going to make all the union jobs with benefits suddenly return to the US apparently just because he is so awesome.

Tuesday night, Harley Davidson issued a statement pointing out that Von Clownstick wasn’t invited to appear on Thursday as scheduled – nor was there any appearance by the hated metrosexual trust fund twit scheduled for any time in the future.



The Harley Davidson press office, however, went to great pains to point out that they’d played host to presidents Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton who were far less hated than the repulsive bag of rat shit that is wandering around the White House now talking to himself and jerking off in the potted plants looking for something to do while Steve Bannon shouts orders to inspire mayhem and chaos across America.




While the Repubs are said to be introducing a national ” right to work” law. Not smart for FvC to be around a union hall for a few years.

I almost – *almost* – want to come back to the States just so I can talk all this out instead of sitting at my laptop cultivating an aneurysm.

To clarify, everyone here wants to talk about it, but no one knows the history, the minutiae. I have to explain everything before I can even vent about it. Also, doing it in another language (or two) is fucking exhausting.

@RomeGirl: I thought all you do for Italian is wave your hands wildly.

@RomeGirl: Honestly, you’re not going to want to be inside the political borders of the US when Twitler and the RepubliKKKans go full Nazi (next week?).

The only thing that may save us is that these troglodytes are too compromised, corrupt, and incompetent to run a totalitarian dictatorship.

Some interesting firsthand perspective on Gorsuch from a Jezebel commenter who was one of his law students:

2/01/17 12:04pm

Gorsuch was one of my professors at CU Law.

I can assure you this will be bad.

2/01/17 12:13pm

Won’t get super specific because it’s impossible to provide context, but when you’re in ethics and the professor regularly says things that make you wonder how many times it took him to pass the MPRE it’s not a good thing.

I also heard from classmates who had him for ConLaw that he said some pretty wild stuff in there as well.

Dude LOVED him some Scalia though, and would try to rationalize anything even if it was roundly thought to be a bad jurisprudence.

One time Sandra Day came to speak and after a professor joked to his class if anyone asked her how it felt to steal an election with a fountain pen. Apparently that didn’t go with him and a handful of other faculty members.

2/01/17 12:15pm

Nice guy, very professional as a faculty member, but that doesn’t mean his views are the best.

2/01/17 12:20pm

He did let us bring a keg to class once, which was awesome.

2/01/17 12:31pm

He hates person freedoms (against marriage equality, women’s reproductive rights, etc.) big fan of police overreach (went hard for Denver PD when it came to body cameras, and was in favor of strip searching minors), considered Hobby Lobby a victory, and doesn’t believe in the Courts responsibilty to override the Legislature when necessary.

In many ways he’s more of a strict constructionist than Scalia which is fucking scary.

Paradoxically he’s the anti-thesis of what Boulder claims to be, yet exactly what it is. Rich white people who want to claim the moral “liberal” high ground whenever possible, but if push comes to shove they’ll jump right back behind that privilege real fast.

We’re all hoping it’s Hardiman because the school prides itself on being open and liberal (the code of conduct was basically “don’t be an asshole, we’re in this together, and you’ll have to work with these people later”), and plenty of us don’t want him to be the face of it.

2/01/17 12:37pm

From what I took from the class legal ethics is walk up to the cliff, dangle one leg over the edge, and see how long you can balance.

@mellbell: Nice dig at Boulder. I’m still learning the lay of the mile-high land here.

Worth reading:

Think the liberal protests are big? Just wait.

Similarly, none of the millions who marched and rallied for women’s rights the previous weekend had yet lost anything or suffered a single deprivation on account of Trump. How could they have? He’d been president for only one day.

In other words, most of the anti-Trump protests so far have been over symbolism and omens.

So just imagine what’s going to happen if or when the largely hypothetical becomes real and the abstract becomes personal.

•If or when the numbers of people turned away from our borders, detained or deported grows from the hundreds into the tens of thousands.

•If or when millions of people lose their health insurance policies after Obamacare is repealed.

•If or when Roe v. Wade is overturned and states begin outlawing abortion.

•If or when we begin to go backward on LGBTQ rights and anti-gay discrimination is enshrined as a religious right.

@¡Andrew!: Regarding the latter, we came this close to an LGBTQ EO yesterday, planned for end of week. Bannon wanted to forge ahead, but Trump got cold feet — because of the crowds. And then he nominated a safe Scalia conservative instead of a right-field idiot, just like Pence would have done.

The crowds got to Trump. He’ll recover and forge ahead, but yes, resistance has a palpable effect on policy.

@nojo: Oh they’re saving the worst of all for the GHIJKLMNOPQRST crowd. The regime is packed to the rafters with hate-crazed, antigay, neo-Nutzi psychopaths, and there’s no way they’ll pass up any opportunity to make our lives pure hell. We can expect that EO bomb to drop on Friday at 4:59 pm.

@RomeGirl: Umm, sponsor me & Mr. SFL y el gato, por favor?

@nojo: Sadly, that’s what i wind up doing. There is also the ubiquitous “boh” which is perfect for when you don’t know what to say.

@¡Andrew!: Also I’m afraid to enter because I renewed my passport and it has no stamps in it now.

@SanFranLefty: I saw a place for rent this summer for $8600 a week and unlimited rosé. 7 br, 7 baths. I say we make it the first Stinque Constitutional Congress.

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