Wow, it’s been a crazy day, what with right wing blowhards dying, gay marriage in California put on hold yet again, and more pandering with Muslim cultural centers two blocks from the World Trade Center just like titty bars.  And Tom DeLay skated!

You know what I need after a long day of craziness?

I mean, besides a martini or three?

Time for some puppy cuteness! Tonight is courtesy of Stinque’s Caribbean correspondent, baked.

I present her highness Bella, the Cane Corso in all her glory:

And here’s how a 50 pound puppy swims:

And here is how a puppy looks like a serious guard dog:

Thank you, baked, for providing us with this Moment of Canine Zen.

I believe that Stinquer Karen Marie also has a puppeh…so Karen Marie, you can find me at sanfranlefty [at] stinque [dot] com if you’d like to contribute to the next Stinque Moment of Canine Zen, which given the torrent of crazy news in the world, we may need soon.


yes, lefty, the only known cure for teh carazee is PUPPEHS !!!
KITTEHS and BUNNIES too. we NEED this as a weekly feature to keep whatever scintilla of sanity we have left. i would LOVE to see every one’s critters!

not shown:
*jumps into the pool dragging the lounge chair attached to her leash with her.
*looks at the trash collector like a tasty snack…and letting him know it.
*growls at rats who try to get back in bed after a middle of the night pee. (til she realizes it’s daddy—damn)
*springs in her feet–can jump up to 5’7″ to snatch a sandwich from mommy’s mouth.
*has kiss fests with the most aloof of my cats, Gracie.
*i no longer need a firearm.
*she loves The Grateful Dead and show tunes.
*dries my Sergio tears.

love you lefty…thanks for sharing my little (?) love muffin with the gang.


@baked: :-) I’m especially happy about the drying Sergio’s tears effect. I know you still love him and miss him, but I’m glad you have puppy love again.

@SFL: There is nothing Zen about that puppeh! ;-)

whoever I LOVE, SHE LOVES…she would adore you, and you would proclaim her—ZEN ! really really !

i have an issue that needs sorting out:
Serg’s leash still hangs on a doorknob near the front door. she needs it now, but i have resisted. his unveiling is coming up september 17, marking the official end of mourning. i guess i can wait til then.
damn it i loved that dog. miss Bella has big shoes to fill…thankfully she does have the feet to do it. xoxo

“unveiling” takes place 9 months after death, when the stone is placed on his grave. he was an immediate member of my family, and i am treating him as such. i have even been wearing the black pin with the tear in the cloth, worn on the left side of the chest only by immediate family members symbolizing a broken heart. yes, there are no atheists in foxholes.

What have you been feeding her? Steroids?

She’s grown… a LOT.

@baked: I always buy a new collar and leash. I have a garland of the damn things. If you’re planning on using Sergio’s I would use it now since she needs it. That way you lower the temperature and keep the unveiling about him and not have it be the time stuff gets passed down. Unless you want to make that be an event.

I would do it now.

My three are kicking up a fuss about going for a walk on the trail. Bruno is dancing about with one of my shoes. Damn them. I’m have to write unpleasant emails.

oh, you ain’t seen nuthin yet!

thanks mom, good solid advice. i will use it today, and it will make me happy. what would i do without you since i don’t have a mom.
i have a biological one, but i call her a BM.

Yay! Puppeh!

Our Gracie is still giving Lucy a very wide berth.

More kittehs and puppehs, please, indeed.

@baked: looks at the trash collector like a tasty snack…and letting him know it

Time for a new kayak!

and a cuddlepuss too Howdy!

Flip, exactly. already selected as soon as she’s big (and scary) enough!

beeyouteefull karen marie. i love black cats. my gracie is black and silver striped.

it’s so nice to have a respite from the world for critter time.
all together now….AHHHHHHHHH !

and now, i have to go back to the imoran, phucking phone.

@karen marie: Wow, Gracie looks just like the cat Julie I had during law school.

Note to SFL: do photos of full-grown dogs count? Sophie is a rescue dog so I can only guess how cute she was as a puppy.

@All: Maybe I can convince Nojo that it’s time for another Stinque Photo Jam (it’s been a while) and have it be an all furball feature.

@Dodgerblue: Of course full grown dogs count – they’re still puppehs in our hearts.


Dog spelled backwards is Thor.

Isn’t it freaky how strong this breed is? Thor is about 50 pounds soaking wet but pulls me down the street like I am a hamburger wrapper.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: Same with my mutt Sophie — weighs 50 lbs and could win a tractor pull.

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