Take Two Of These And Call Us In The Morning

We really can’t recommend enough the comfort and health benefits of burying your head under a stack of pillows. Not only does it drown out the goddam fucking idiocy that passes for our national discourse, it’s also much safer than shoving dinner utensils in your ears.

Plus, you can also pound the shit out of them during those Special Moments when your nation’s leaders act like a bunch of craven bastards, and they’ll still retain their gentle fluffiness when you’re ready to hold them to your mouth and scream the anguish of utter hopelessness.

Also available in industrial sizes.


I’ll take the alt text advice.

U! S! AAAAAAA!!!!!

When your founders stated separation of church and state. They should have included idiots as well.

Is there a portable version that I can just wrap around my head as I go through my day?

@ManchuCandidate: Something you said triggered Mel Gibson movies to come up in the not-MSNBC Amazon window. Heh.

Whatsamatter, Nojo, puppy pictures didn’t work?

@SanFranLefty: I also have a fine selection of Mel’s movies – unfortunately no Mad Max – in the Amazon ad, but the not-MSNBC ad is telling me to invest in oil and gas wells. The ad mentions a High Return Potential. Somebody mistaking Stinque for the Carlyle Group?

stupid movie but this still makes me laugh every time I see it

hit the pillow

@Prommie: Believe it or not, Nojo and I did not coordinate on these two back-to-back posts, though they raise identical themes. I’m sure he wrote this one hours before I wrote the puppeh post.

@SanFranLefty: Good thing I didn’t run with my alternate idea: Kitties.

But I already did that. Two years ago. After the DNC credentials meeting.

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