It’s a Thousand Pages, Give or Take a Few

Ever on the lookout for excuses to post Frisky Dingo graphics, today we find cause to feature Darcell Jones of Team Jaguar, Grace Ryan’s arch-nemesis for the local TV news Peabody. Darcell kicks ass, takes names, and never fails to look hot when she does it.

Which brings us to Gwen Ifill.

Seems the McCain camp, after negotiating a debate format even less challenging than a beauty pageant, overlooked the moderator. (Somebody’s asleep at the switch there, since they were refusing to accept anyone from NBC until Brokaw parachuted in.) WorldNetDaily — your source for news the Onion rejects — raised the alarm Tuesday night, worried that Ifill’s ability to write books would unfairly prejudice her against the reading-averse Sarah Palin.

Clever ruse to distract from Palin’s performance tonight? Perish the thought!

And check back here at 8:45 p.m. Eastern, when our liveblog/open thread/laffalympics opens for business.

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