Talibunny Hate Index Soars After Palin Spews Lies & Surrenders State to RoveCo

Alaska Turns Out to Revile <lf>The End-Timer

Alaska Turns Out to Revile The End-Timer Talibunny

Alaska’s raging disgust with the end-timer vice presidential candidate Sarah ‘Talibunny’ Palin grows by the hour, driven by her breathtaking campaign mendacity and the fact that she handed over control of the state to GOP reprobate-at-large Karl Rove, a character successful principally through his eagerness to chew the smegma off of George W. Bush’s genitals, hardly an exemplar of the frontier values held dear by workaday Alaskans.

Palin Approval Ratings Drops in Alaska [Anchorage Daily News]

When the Talibunny joined the McCain campaign, the Alaska Talibunny Hate Index (“ATHI”) hovered around 20%. Within weeks, however, the ATHI has soared to 32%, as Alaska discovered that there was nothing that the Taibunny wouldn’t lie about and that the state was just another castaway resource in the advance of a psychopathic apocalyptician that hungers for the opportunity to punch the launch codes and deliver American and the world unto the End Times.

The Troopergate investigation into allegations of abuse of power in dismissing Alaska’s top cop has turned from a small-time ethics investigation into a full-blown circus, with Palin desperately trying to run out the clock and dodge the investigators until after the election. Last month Talibunny Hubby Todd Palin and Talibunny’s staff gave the Alaska legislature the finger by refusing to appear before an investigative committee – a tactic likely orchestrated by Rove and the McCain campaign and one that continues to kick up a lot of ill will for the Talibunny in Alaska.

Everyone in Alaska had to work hard not to vomit when she claimed she rejected the Bridge to Nowhere, given that she lapped up the money for the project when it was available and pretended to disown the project when it was politically expedient. Alaska is the welfare queen of the USA, vacuuming up more tax dollars per head than most any other state. Random, witless public spending is just a part of the state’s economy and the US’s cost of populating the polar frontier with enough people to shoot at the Russians should they get rambunctious and decide to invade Barrow.

The national presses and Web sites are alive with reports that Talibunny was savagely pestorking her husband’s business partner while she was driving Wasilla into fiscal fiasco as the city’s mayor and self-deputized book censor. While it’s true everyone in that part of the world pestorks their neighbors and their pets and random game animals – there’s not a lot to do after you make a snow man and have cocoa – Alaskans don’t like seeing their pestorking habits splashed all over the national press.

On the national stage, the Charles Gibson and Katie Couric television interviews exposed the Talibunny as a bulb so dim even the shit-covered, toothless pigfuckers of the GOP base were raging in their trailers and throwing their Keystone Light empties at the TV. The most recent Pew Research poll finds that just – still, incredible – 37 percent of respondents believe the Talibunny is qualified to be president, down from a staggering 52 percent in September.

Palin down, Obama up: Debate season [The Swamp]

Does any of this matter?

Who knows?

The latest paranoid election period memes to float through the Web maybe point to terrifyingly reasonable outcomes, given recent history as a guide. The first is that November elections have already been assured for the RNC through manipulation of voter registrations and electronic voting systems. The second is that Palin is really just a tool of Dick Cheney and Karl Rove who actually plan on McCain dying – or having him dispatched – while in office so that they can run America through the Talibunny and finally, behind her smiling visage and plush breasts, erect the permanent theocratic dictatorship of our nightmares.


What gives me Hope (TM) is that some very very red states, including good ol’ Georgia, Mississippi and Tejas, also seem to be creeping towards the Unicorn from McGeezer. I take http://www.electoral-vote.com with a grain of salt, but I was happy to see the latest state-by-state poll numbers.

Mind you, they’re still a shade of red (pinkish as “weak Republican”), but creeping toward the other direction. In the South, I think this has to do with high numbers of black people voting, especially those who are voting early down here — which lasts until one week before the election.

My absentee ballot was sent off last week. I’m signed, sealed and delivered.

I pray for no shenanigans, as you are alluding to, FCS.

@rptrcub: Oh, there are non-stop shenanigans already underway in all the key states with thousands of GOP operatives running voter suppression campaigns and working with friendly state AGs to invalidates either Democratic voters before election day – or their votes after election day. Sad to say, but without complete elimination of electronic voting, internationally observed paper vote counts and UN peacekeeping troops on the ground in key states, it is unlikely that the Unicorn will win. If he does get the number of electoral college votes required to take the election, the RNC no doubt has plans for a series of law suits they plan on driving to the Supreme Court where the votes already have been counted. They can’t lose this election. If they do, they’ll all end up strapped to gurnies having potassium chloride injected into them. They know this.

The “chewing smegma” meme must go viral! I swear, every time I read it, a part of me is thrilled, which is enough to make me ignore my stomach churning.

@FlyingChainSaw: That said, living in PA I have recently found myself torn between working to ensure that every PA vote gets counted and Promnight’s election party. I might be a little late.

@Promnight: And please, please, please may JNOVJr. come to the party? He’s a sweet kid, 19 years old, and def not a buzzkill. This is the first pres election in which he’ll be voting. I humbly ask for his invite. We can teach him to mix drinks?

@FCS again: Did you say/intimate that you’re a vet in the “Palin: What is she wearing” thread? Not only do we have fundie exp in common but maybe the military, too? I fall deeper and deeper in love with you each and every day.

@FlyingChainSaw: Matt Groening et. al. have already come up with a take on this for The Simpsons. Entertaining, yet scary.

Even dumbass Homer wants to vote for Hope (TM).

@JNOV: Teach your children well, baby!

@rptrcub: You got THAT right! I hope JR gets to come. He’s painfully shy like his momma (seriously), but he’s an asset to any party with his rare yet astute observations of how truly fucked up this world can be.

so, what you’re saying, saw, is Sarah the Moron is really George the Retard in drag.
voter suppression you say? out and out voter fraud will insure the mechanism’s of evil to continue to churn.
all the rest is a circus sideshow, without the class.
popcorn anyone?

@baked: Baby Doll — how the hell are you?

i’m in blistering heartbreak when i’m sober which, thankfully, isn’t often.
and you sweets?

@baked: Oh, darling! Blistering heartbreak indeed.

I’m okay — home with a migraine. Thank FSM my MacBook (the new love of my life) doesn’t have obnoxious bright screen glare to send me into a seizure.

Take what I’m about to write with a HUGE grain of salt, and feel free to tell me to fuck off for what is unsolicited advice of the most annoying kind.

You will only begin to deal with your feelings when you’re sober. Until then, you’re just stuffing them, and they will probably come out in truly shitty, and to some extent, self-destructive ways. I know you know this. I know you’re brilliant and amazingly self-aware. I just want to remind you that the healing will only begin when you are able to face the devil with a clear head.

I love and support you, and I know you will get through this. The only question is how long it will take, and you are on nobody’s time table but your own.

Selfishly, I want you to get through this sooner rather than later and with as little pain as possible. I don’t presume to know how this would be best accomplished, but from my own personal experience, I believe that self-medicating is a stop-gap measure that eventually must give way to the real hard work of feeling the emotions in their entirety and doing your best to make sense of what you’re feeling.

So, please be gentle to yourself, and never forget that you are loved and supported by many, many people. Probably more than you will ever realize. I love you dearly, and I apologize from my depths if anything I’ve written has upset you or gone too far.

Big squishy bewbies hugs from your sister,


Not to put in my unasked for two cents, but I agree with Jnov the Magnificent on this one. I’m all for dulling your feelings – reasonably, and for a while- with whatever is handy and pleasant. But rage has to burn unchecked to burn itself out, and I know from experience that you can’t get to any of the other stuff (sorrow, grief, etc.) until the rage is gone. What you are feeling now (I would guess) is just that rage pointed inward.

Did I mention there is ALWAYS another man? My grandmother is 87 and has been with her boyfriend for 5 years…Grandpa died almost 30 years ago….Not that men are the answer to everything, but they do make for a nice light at the end of a long tunnel, sometimes.

@baked: I agree with the wisdom of Sister JNOV. just try to let some of it all out, even if it’s just for a few hours. find an empty beach where if need be you can scream on top of your lungs without scaring dogs or too many people, and work through some of it.

and then you can go home and light a joint, make a cocktail, and pet the fur children.
hang in there girl.

telling a girl watching a swinging noose to “hang in there”…..
i know what you meant! made me smile. a monumental feat.
the T&C and israeli peace talks must be succeeding on some level because nobody’s happy. he thinks his unexpectedly long absence from each other neccesitates an open arrangement. and then we’ll just pick up where we left off next summer. and he’ll be here for 6 weeks december/january. (his girlfriend is upset about this, i’m told)
i scream, are you mormon now? french? OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND? he has me hypnotized into thinking this is reasonable.
is the doctor in?

Oh, dear. Reasonable?
Well, he might see it as a convenient and reasonable arrangement, but, dear Baked, could it ever be something good for you?

Will it just be repeated bouts of gut-wrenching?

Or would it be better if you limit your suffering to just this big one you’re plowing through right now, followed by a period of emotional recovery, leading to someday knowing you are whole again?

Just, no matter what, choose what will be best for you, and don’t give up on making it through OK.

@baked: Tell him if he loves you, he’ll agree to a five-way with you, him, two farm animals and a kidnapped pre-teen who is living with you and servicing you as a dedicated sex slave and foot stool. Two can play at this twisted game – and you’ve got expert team mates.


Listen to FCS, he has always been the most reasonable of all of us.

@baked: he has me hypnotized into thinking this is reasonable.

GF of a friend of mine pulled a similar trick — something along the lines of “Why can’t you be normal?” She had him going with that for awhile, until I was finally able to convince him that he was just fine, she was the one going batshit.

Much easier to see clearly if you don’t have to live with it day in and out, of course.

@baked: If you are monogamously-wired, don’t even consider his enticements. Sounds like he wants a girl in every port.

Even if you’re not monogamous, just his sense of timing about when he laid this down on you indicates royal douchebaggery.

But I kinda like FCS’s idea, except Mr. Xbaked should be the dedicated sex slave / footstool in that configuration.

it’s 6 am on the right coast saturday, so you prob won’t see this, but your comments help me think straighter.
what happened to after dark last night? i was all set for a steamy rage filled rant with juicy details about my love life, or rather lack of one.
i need feedback!
and yes catt, i think FCS is the most reasonable. entwined in his colorful pornographic style is always TRUTH. my truth, anyway.
i need group advice and hugs. will check back…a stinquer is in trouble!
men/women to battle stations!
(i read saws comment to him. he said sure, only if he can pick the farm animals. i guess there’s a goat he has an eye on now, the putz)

The Perstorking In Space! Post was Stinquers after Dark…

Everybody’s right about rage. Got to let it out. Better than bottling it in and scaring the crap out of everybody (it seeps through even if you think it doesn’t.)

does sustained sobbing and beating your fists on the chests of strangers for a couple weeks count as letting out rage?
if yes, then i’m on to the next stage. bewilderment?
i have 2 months to come up with a game plan before he gets here.
at airport: whimpering in a fetal position, if i’m to be honest.
but i’m leaning towards, ‘need a ride’?…then what. then what.
most people have gone through this (?). what’s the right thing to do to keep him and my self respect besides poisoning him and sitting him in a chair on the deck and rename my house bates motel?
one of the reasons i’m so shell shocked, is that i seriously believed he would never cheat. this can happen to ANYone.prommy was right. we are wired such that the only thing that keeps men faithful is lack of opportunity. or chris rock: married men can control their urge to chase pussy. but if it’s chasing us, we just can’t run that fast.
i hear myself rationalizing his heinousness.

those who expressed concern over me pulling a leaving las vegas…no worries. not imbibing any more than usual. not any less either.
there’s a lesson to be learned from everything. for example, i’ve discovered rum in my morning coffee is very tasty.
but never before 8am!

Yeah, I guess that would constitute rage.

For me what would really piss me off is that he thinks that he can go back and forth without consequences. That sense of entitlement (?) which really pisses me off. That alone would make me keep the phone off the hook when he flies home.

If there was some sort of “understanding” between you then I could see his point, but gathering from your reaction there was no “understanding” reached and he just assumed.

I don’t know if I can be much help as oddly enough, I’ve been or someone has tried to make me the “Other” not the wronged one. Both times were rather unpleasant endings. One was a sad lonely woman who just wanted to have intimacy and sex. I was a young dumb guy who fought the urge to jump naked from a five story condo balcony when I found out she was married–also spent a good three months looking over my shoulder for a tall muscular man mountain ready to snap me in two (I saw his photo!) The other was a coworker (and the boss’ wife) who hit on me right in front of her husband. Let’s just say, I quit soon after.

ManchuCandidate’s Rule Number One for a Long and Happy Life: Don’t fuck anyone else’s wife/significant other.

This is why I refrain from gawking at my friends wives. I mentally categorize them as “men.” Makes things a lot easier.

yes! his sense of entitlement. his what’s the big deal attitude.
does he think he’s david ducovny?
well, as you can imagine, i’ve let him know it’s aBIG deal.
but do i want to throw away 10 years and a man who i really do love?
he’s flawed. god knows i am too.
i just don’t know what to say, what to do. we do talk about other things, practical matters, but i’m lost as to what to do or say or even think about the other mess.
all suggestions welcome. lost.

If he feels the same way then he would feel bad he did. No one is perfect. We all have flaws, but an apology would be a step in the right direction.

I just hope you’re not a fan of AMC’s Mad Men. A current story line is similar to what you’re going thru.

yes, the one good thing is he feels horrible.
and though he is still in justification mode, has apologized for my pain.

let me know what happens in mad men. i need ideas manchu!

This would be my game plan if I were in your shoes.
1) Talk to him about it face to face (has to be face to face.)
2) Try to get a sense of what he’s feeling. Unless we’re pathological, men aren’t very good at masking their feelings.
3a) If he says (and he has to say it) genuine regret then it would be better to take him back.
3b) Anything less than genuine open regret like where there is a but, maybe or whatever then DTMF.

That justification part would also be a deal breaker for me. If one is truly sorry then there are no buts.

If I’m really sorry then I’ll say I’m sorry. End of story. If I’m not so genuine then I’ll throw in the justifications. Means I’m not so goddamned sorry and would do it again (I usually use the “I’m sorry but not really sorry” sorry when I’m at work and when dealing with my parents.)

Mad Men:
Betty had enough of Don’s cheating and kicked him out.
Roger fell in lust with Don’s Secretary and told Mona it was over. Mona blames Don.

marriage, like foreign policy, is hard.

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