Well, At Least He’s Not In Prison (Yet)

OMG, college Republican assholes CAN be funny!OMG, college Republican assholes CAN be funny!

So, as I mentioned earlier, I was able to get a ticket to the Cubs playoff game tonight.  Rather than discuss the outcome of the game or how much I paid for the ticket (or how going to bathroom at Wrigley is the most degrading and disgusting experience one can have outside of a prison), I would rather discuss a little politics.  Our seats were right below the entrances to the super luxury boxes, which, again, at Wrigley means they have a few lawn chairs, a 12 pack of Old Style and an open toilet pit in the middle of the room.  Midway through the second inning I hear a bunch of people start booing, which I thought was odd since the Cubs were doing well at that second.  But I look up and who is on the catwalk going into a suite but Mr. Helmet Hair himself, Rod Blagojevich.  It was awesome, the crowd booed him the whole time and he just stood there and waved and grinned like an idiot.  Which takes balls I guess, although he knows he couldn’t get elected dog catcher at this point so he might as well enjoy the time he has left.  And that hair – sweet jesus it was a sight even from 50 feet away.


He has that “I’m my own Spitting Image puppet” face going on, too. Creepy.

@HF, re photo alt-text: Only in that College Republican douche’s dreams.

Who is the guy in the Tshirt? Besides a repub douche, I mean Rod’s a dem, right? I’m only asking ’cause I’ve taken that guy’s shirt off like ten times already in my imagination.

Look – Monty Hall and Wink Martindale had a kid!

I’m going tonight. Let us hope that all of the swells went to Game One, said “oh, man, I don’t want to go when then they lose,” sold their tickets and allow some real fans who can yell their guts out, even when it gets rough, to show up tonight.

HF: please re-assure me that you were not a wussy little punk and went into a corner and sobbed when Demp gave up that slam. Please tell me you were loud and supportive. Please.

@chicago bureau: More just stunned. The whole crowd already thought that he had gotten the third strike and ended the inning when Loney swung at the ball and seemed to miss, but I guess he got a piece of it (which no one saw). Then all of a sudden it was a full count and then a slam. I didn’t cry nor boo, just did my supportive clapping and kept drinking my beer.

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