Well, There Ya Go

And so: here’s the Palin Zapruder Film, in which she can’t name a Supreme Court case besides Roe v Wade.

Now, the first time you watch it, it may seem not nearly as bad as has been reported. The build-up made it seem like it would be shocking. And it isn’t — we know she isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, and this is but one more example of it.

But watch it a couple of times. The impression is unavoidable — she is completely and utterly lost.

Anyway: discuss.


Watched it with the “which newspaper do you read?” question. Head. Goes. Boom!

Here’s her Facebook page.

Did you see Keef use SF Lefty’s “Alien v. Predator” line?

Tonight is just a night for stupidity in the media. Was listening to the post-game on WGN radio tonight. One fan blamed Bud Selig and Dick Stockton for the loss. No. Seriously. A Cub fan said that.

So help me — after this election, I’m just going to unplug all media outlets for two weeks and detox.

@redmanlaw: He did?!? OMFSM, Jamie Sommers is going to cut me if her teevee boyfriend is quoting me.

I actually watched CBS News tonight – totally random. What was really horrifying was when she called herself a “federalist” because she thinks states should decide abortion. And the cutting back and forth between her and Biden answering the same question was horrifying.

I saw on CNN today that apparently the GOPers are saying that Gwen Ifill is a biased moderator because she’s black. There.Are.No.Words.

And as a P.S. can someone explain why the fuck hotels don’t carry Comedy Central and Bravo? Especially a fucking hotel in fucking Dupont Fucking Circle, Gay DC central?! I’m in total D.T.s without my Project RunGay and Jon Stewart!

SanFranLefty: Actually, it’s because Gwen Ifill has written a book about black politicians, including Black Eagle.

Yes, a teevee news host writes a book. There are rare examples of this in the media today. See, e.g., Tom Brokaw, Bob Schieffer, Jim Lehrer. (OK, OK, Lehrer writes a bunch of novels. But still.)

Seems to me that some over on the dark side are looking for straws to grasp. Touching, on a certain level.

@chicago bureau: Howard Kurtz was interviewed by Rick Sanchez who was bellowing “But doesn’t she have a financial interest in a BLACK MAN winning so she can sell more books about BLACK POLITICIANS and she is a BLACK JOURNALIST” and I will give Kurtz credit, he totally called Sanchez on it and everyone else and pointed out that if Jim Lehrer or Bob Schieffer wrote a book about old white men nobody would say that he was biased towards McCrappyPants. Sanchez looked dazed and kept bellowing on.

Meanwhile, on an uplifting note, I was sad to miss my city honoring an icon of the LGBT community and the first person to legally marry in a same-sex wedding in California after 50 years with her partner.

/this weekend will be attending my 6th same-sex wedding. Fully expect to sob uncontrollably yet again. Prior to gay weddings, I never cried at a wedding. Now I’m a verklempt waterworks.

@chicago bureau: And Tom Brokaw writes about soldiers! And The Olds! Clearly in the tank for McCain.

Well, it’s less persuasive when I put it that way because he totally is. But you know what I mean.

@SanFranLefty: It’s hard for me to believe, still, that there are people out there who get paid good money to go on television and say the most racist, horrible things. Like, that’s their job. Pat Buchanan probably puts his article doubting the severity of the Holocaust at the top of his CV. And he’s not even the worst one anymore!

/ridiculously naive ranting about stuff everyone already knows

@SanFranLefty: I have friends who were the only breeders married at the SF courthouse the day teh gayz got their share of liberty and justice for all. Their party is in a fancy part of Albuquerque this weekend (Coreales for those of you google mapping at home). I’m taking the father of the groom fishing on Saturday. He’s the friend I lost to right wing politics, but we still bond over drinx, see-gars and fall fly fishing.

Racism breaks my heart, and as a triracial woman, I take it all very, very personally. There’s still that element of “being a credit to your race” that I have in the back of my head that informs many of my decisions. It’s a double-edged sword, one of those thewaytheworldis vs. thewaytheworldshouldbe. I would never argue that race doesn’t matter any longer, and I wouldn’t even go so far to say that it doesn’t matter as much as it used to. Many people think that because Obama is the first (sorry) viable candidate for president that we’ve come a long way, baby. But in my heart of hearts, I wish I didn’t have to explain my brown hue to everyone I have more than two conversations with.

Well, guess what — we haven’t really come all that far. Just last night I heard my downstairs neighbor berating his girlfriend telling her, “You treat me just like a nigger.” And when people’s jaws drop to the floor when I tell them that I identify with being black as well as NDN and various flavors of European, I know, I just KNOW that race is still a problem in this country.

Part of it could be that I live in the DE Valley, and we’re not the most progressive bunch in the nation. It wasn’t until I moved to CA and then back East that I realized I grew up in a very racist area. It’s not that blatant stuff of the Civil Rights era, rather, it’s a festering sore or some undercurrent, some Cthulu in wait.

Okay, I’m fucked up on migraine meds. I’ll shut up now.

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