Sarah Palin Quote Generator

You knew someone would come up with one

Mine is:

The way that I have understood the world is the leadership qualities— the need to reform government.


“I’m ill about the position that America is in, and whether that is part of the solution or not — that’s paramount.”

“He’s also known as the maverick, should not be rewarded and we must not blink.”

Talibunny telling right-wing talk radio she’s a “regular-Joe-Six-Pack-American” and that ordinary people want “one of their own.”

Idiocracy is closer to becoming a reality than I thought.

@Signal to Noise: Yeah, but if “Ouch My Balls!” was a real show, I’d actually want to watch tv, that shit was funny!

@drinkyclown: Watch Japanese game shows – hysterical even if you can’t understand the language. Go to YouTube and search “human tetris”.

@blogenfreude: Oh man, that is awesome! I’ve seen a few shows like that, in the background at a bar, and been like holy crap what is going on? Japanese tv is teh crazy.

Ad at top now trying to sell me a generator. Who knows … I might need one before it’s all over.

@blogenfreude: My first thought when I saw that ad was, ok, sounds like a good idea, now how much gas should I stockpile hoard and how am I gonna store it in my garage safely?

I was gonna say, a generator doesn’t do you any good if you don’t have gas to run it on. A solar panel or wind turbine would be a far better choice.

@drinkyclown: My son and I love the obstacle course ones. Forgot the names, but they are awesome.

My (fictional) Palin quote: That strategy that has worked in Iraq that these central fronts on the war on terror at a crisis time like this.

@IanJ: >snort<

Once upon a time, we enjoyed something called the International Imitation Hemingway Competition. Now we have the Sarah Palin Quote Generator.

Thank you John McCain.

@jochthsi: No worries. We still have the Bad Sex Award.

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