My earlier PUMA inspired me to look for more. Native Americans Against Obama:

He’s going to take away your guns, tax you, kill 25 million of us, and bankrupt the coal industry.

How did I miss this guy?

This must be what mainlining is like. Pure, one-hundred percent, batshit crazy wingnuttery. More pure than Ivory soap.

So what is he – a sociopath, homeschooled, or clinically insane?


The PUMAs found a bright shiny object!

“The Obama boobery with the oath, led to a second oath. But the Bible, like the once disdained flag lapel pin, was nowhere to be seen,” sniped the Hillaryis44 blog, referring to a row during the presidential campaign over a missing lapel pin.

“Expect a third oath when bitter small town gun- and Bible-toting America finds out.”

The next four years are going to be blogging gold.

Barack Obama Sworn in Again, But Without a Bible [Times Online]