Best. PUMA. Evar.

How did I miss this guy?

This must be what mainlining is like. Pure, one-hundred percent, batshit crazy wingnuttery. More pure than Ivory soap.

So what is he – a sociopath, homeschooled, or clinically insane?


Ohhh. Kay. Back away slowly. Don’t stop smiling. And turn around to run…. NOW!

I think I’ve worked with him.

@Benedick: I hesitate to ask what part he played.

Jesus Christ, dad… if you’d told me this is why you wanted to borrow my video camera I’d have said NO!

It’s been a long time since I went on a PUMA hunt. There’s got to be some seriously unhinged new videos out there.

@blogenfreude: Couldn’t get a laugh if he pulled a kipper out of his cunt.

Wait, tell me how this guy is different from other PUMAS again? Garden variety if you ask me.

I just had an acid flashback for reals.

There must be some great Fox audition tapes out there.

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