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Deer in the headlights edition:

Bonus PUMA (check out the helmet hair):


Goddamnit. I keep coming here for cougars every night and wind up with these whiny hags.

@Signal to Noise: Pumas definitely do not appear to be Cougars. It might be that they are Pumas because they are not cougars.Not enough of that ballsack-slapping of the taint.

@Signal to Noise: If you want cougars, I’ll root around in my Demi Moore archive. And isn’t this great? I don’t have to write – just post videos, and in pour the comments!

@blogenfreude: Seems to be the secret of Fleshbot’s success. And I see some of us commenting there, too, sometimes, but I know nothink.

@Promnight: Haven’t looked at Fleshbot in a year or more … thanks for reminding me.

“Darragh”? I wonder which side of her family is Klingon.

@blogenfreude: Its the only place for pron that doesn’t make me feel icky, and make me nervous about my computer’s health.

@blogenfreude: Shit, now I have reminded myself. See ya in a while.


Yeah, don’t think you’re getting away with this, buddy. Double posts for you all next week!


Paula, honey, blue eyeshadow? THAT’S why you’re getting threats at home….

Can’t we leave these losers to the dustbin of history? They’re about as relevant as a communion wafer at Hebrew school….

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Now wait – usually I do one a day, and I seem to recall that one day this week I did THREE. That’s like, a world’s record. Or a personal best. Or worst, depending on your point of view.

It’s Murphy! Shit, I haven’t listened to that radio interview yet between her and Jabba the Hutt.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: It’s all an homage to Kay Bailey Hutchison. Gag me.

@bloggy: Of course she has helmet hair. Goes with the shoulderpads.

According to Darack, there were sexist attacks from within the Democratic Party against St. Hillary. Where were these sexist attacks coming from (other than the cankle callouts from the Cynics’ Party)?

At Xmas dinner, the mom of my best friend’s baby-daddy, in a room full of aged liberals, said something like, “Well, I’m pleasantly surprised at some of [Obama’s] cabinet appointments, it looks like he isn’t quite the radical leftist we all thought he was.” I was almost speechless.

Factoid: Darragh Murphy has yet to contribute to any candidate in the Democratic Party.

In 2000, however, she is on record for contributing $500 to the McCain campaign.

PUMAS : The Ellen James Society of today. Even Hillz looks at ’em and says, “Bitches, please.”

@FreshCliches: $500? Merde, that’s way more than I gave to the Elf King for his quixotic quest. Methinks she is an elitist in redneck’s clothing.

/TJ/ Also, just finished Glen Duncan’s A Day And A Night And A Day. MUST READ. This guy, who looks like the guitarist of a TGIFridays cover band, seriously deserves the Nobel for Literature, just for the sheer poetry of his writing. Oh, and the humanity.

@FreshCliches: If they’d cut off their tongues they’d be much more bearable, and hotter, in a way.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Bloggy does pretty well for someone who doesn’t have an obsessive need to make 7 a.m. deadlines.

It is sad when a Fox News beeeeeeeeeeyotch is the one who makes the most cogent comments and asks the best questions….

@homofascist: Only when it’s in their interest to learn the truth about the Obama opposition.

@nojo: Excuse me? I could set something to go at 7 am right now, and yet get up at 10 EST. You’d NEVER KNOW!!!11!!1

@blogenfreude: More like 1 pm EST. Closer to 2 this week.

TJ: Please go see Kristin Scott Thomas in “I’ve Loved You So Long.” Just do it.

@nojo: She seemed sort of…skeptical to me. I was a little shocked.

@homofascist: Ah. I thought she was fishing for the perfect “Obama supporters are fascists” soundbite.

@homofascist: Is there really any Obama opposition at this point? Everyone who has traveled outside the country since the election has been hammered with questions/commendations about Obama. The WORLD waits with baited breath, as such. A few PUMAs, false-flaggers that they are, is no big diggie.

@nojo: Maybe. I was too mesmerized by her pretty hair to give it much thought (I sort of think that is the point).

@nojo: Oh please … I can post anytime I want, just … let me … wait … ZZZZZ.


Is that like The English Patient II: Cry Harder?

(Which, don’t get me wrong, of course I sobbed like a little girl at the end of the E.P.)

@blogenfreude: Actually, I meant my own rise-and-shine times this week, which usually permit me, oh, five or six hours of daylight.

But that’s the problem I always had with Wonkette: By the time I woke up, that day’s party was almost over.

@Pedonator: Token opposition.



But as you note, the anti-Obama crowd shot their wad attacking a straw man, and they don’t know what to do about the Radical Centrist we all saw coming last summer. The Usual Suspects are trying to drum up some themes, but nothing’s stuck yet.

Right now everyone’s too busy running away from Dubya to focus on Barry. The opening act for the Bush Legacy Tour is the Not My Fault band —Richard Perle did a set this week, saying the neocons had nothing to do with Iraq. Once they’ve rewritten history to their satisfaction, they’ll have some spare time for fresh lies.

Maybe it’s the fact I slept well, but I find it somewhat odd that an army of blond (well fake blond) ladies are decrying the black man (now preznit thanks to their hard work.)


Calling Atticus Finch!

@Original Andrew: Well, I did mist up near the end, which is very rare for a guy who has deeply repressed most emotions except anger. Tears and anger aside, KST’s performance was phenomenal. I don’t see how you could ask for more from an actor.

@ManchuCandidate: But these are all old clips of PUMAs when they still had something to roar about, right? Or at least when FOX had an angle on how to promote them.

The real PUMAs are saving up their energies for perceived slights by Preznit 44 against Madame Secretary when they’re hammering out policy on off shore nemotode rights.

@blogenfreude: it is. It wasn’t an honest complaint; I just wanted to make that joke.

@ManchuCandidate: all the Republibot women on TV are blondes of some fashion, bottle or natural, for some reason (well, except Amy Holmes, whom while I was visiting my mom for the holidays, was referred to by said parent as a “traitor.”)

There is Mary Matalin, but I’ve no evidence she’s female because Carville is an alien and that kid could have come from ANYWHERE.

@Signal to Noise: I know … and if I ever do post anything about Demi Moore, I give you permission to bitch slap me.

Oh – and there’s a new PUMA going up at 3 pm coupled with an NFL thread. My picks are revealed so you can mock them.

And is it my imagination, or does Darragh have that fetal-alcohol-syndrome look just like W?

@Mistress Cynica: generally my line of thought, although lately I’ve just gone with the “Repubs like their Stepfords” line.

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