You know, I was worried about the one line from the Geezer that did not have to do with Joedaplumbah. Emphasis on was.

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Strike ’em out, throw ’em out. But, of course, this is a NEGATIVE AD, so Barry is just an awful, awful person, just like Rep. John Lewis. (Insert your own reference to “waaaambulance” here.)

(Sidenote: hey rptrcub? Please give me Georgian Voter opinion on John Lewis. Revered as a sainted man who can do no wrong? Reviled as showboating hack with a good backstory? To the point of whether hitting John Lewis actually helps Barry in Georgia.)

Well, then.  Stanley Kurtz of the National Review has scoured the files of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and come up with…. jack squat. Extremely tangential, at its best.  Homofascist’s wedding story, below, has more heft.  As is usually the case.  Please read his story, then mine.  Kthxbai.

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In case you were curious: a just-passing-through visit to Ladbrokes yields the following:

OUTRIGHT: Black Eagle 1:5 against, PG 10:3 against.

Black Eagle at 370+ EV is favorite among all outcomes, at 2:1.

The Geezer is the underdog in Florida and Ohio (13:8 in both), Nevada (2:1), Virginia (9:4), New Hampshaah (3:1), Wisconsin (9:2), Michigan, New Mexico and Pennsylvania (5:1), Minnesoda (6:1, ya!), and Iowa (8:1).  Barry? Slight dog in Indiana (pegged at even money, with the juice built into Geezer’s odds, on 8:11 against).  Flip those numbers for Missouri and North Carolina, with PG being a slight dog there.

Not a lot of value bets there.  But, then again, Brits will bet (and lose money to the house) on anything.

Entertainment value only, people.  (Which means it ain’t worth that much.  Just saying — drunken English punters are betting what’s left of the house on Hopey.)  Also: betting on politics here in the states is kinda sorta illegal.  Plus I wouldn’t trust off-shore betting houses as far as I can throw a pair of dice.

Sun-Times says that Rezko sentencing is in December. Which is to say, not the week before the election.

“We are experiencing a delay, and we regret the inconvenience. We expect to be moving shortly. Yes we can. [DING, DONG] Doors closing.”

NB: Judge on the case is a Whitewater counsel. U.S. Attorney is the yummy Patrick Fitzgerald. So, any claims of FIX! FIX! are kind of, you know, off.