[Latest… Live, Local and DEVELOPING HARDER: We got two houses of the Maine Legislature (that would be all of the houses there are) on board with gay marriage.  House vote is 89:57.  Goes back to the Senate for one last check in the mirror before presentation to Governor, probably later this week.  Bean suppah!]

D.C. recognizes same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, may sanction weddings in its own right.

Morning Line — Odds on who decides, first, to hold D.C. appropriations hostage over this

Sens. Inhofe / Coburn (Oklahoma Entry) — 4:5
Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo., on subcommittee) — even
Sen. Bitch McConnell (R-Ky., on committee) — 3:1
Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo., ranking on subcomm.) — 4:1
Sen. Dick Shelby (R-Ala., on committee) — 6:1
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska, on subcomm.) — 10:1
Field — 12:1

Odds that, due to two PBS pledge-break specials and other promotional nonsense and diva-like behavior, Americans will be sick to death of Susan Boyle (of British reality teevee fame) within one year — 7:2 against.


In case you were curious: a just-passing-through visit to Ladbrokes yields the following:

OUTRIGHT: Black Eagle 1:5 against, PG 10:3 against.

Black Eagle at 370+ EV is favorite among all outcomes, at 2:1.

The Geezer is the underdog in Florida and Ohio (13:8 in both), Nevada (2:1), Virginia (9:4), New Hampshaah (3:1), Wisconsin (9:2), Michigan, New Mexico and Pennsylvania (5:1), Minnesoda (6:1, ya!), and Iowa (8:1).  Barry? Slight dog in Indiana (pegged at even money, with the juice built into Geezer’s odds, on 8:11 against).  Flip those numbers for Missouri and North Carolina, with PG being a slight dog there.

Not a lot of value bets there.  But, then again, Brits will bet (and lose money to the house) on anything.

Entertainment value only, people.  (Which means it ain’t worth that much.  Just saying — drunken English punters are betting what’s left of the house on Hopey.)  Also: betting on politics here in the states is kinda sorta illegal.  Plus I wouldn’t trust off-shore betting houses as far as I can throw a pair of dice.