You know, I was worried about the one line from the Geezer that did not have to do with Joedaplumbah. Emphasis on was.

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Strike ’em out, throw ’em out. But, of course, this is a NEGATIVE AD, so Barry is just an awful, awful person, just like Rep. John Lewis. (Insert your own reference to “waaaambulance” here.)

(Sidenote: hey rptrcub? Please give me Georgian Voter opinion on John Lewis. Revered as a sainted man who can do no wrong? Reviled as showboating hack with a good backstory? To the point of whether hitting John Lewis actually helps Barry in Georgia.)


That is awesome. The quote at the end just is the icing on the cake. Love it. It’s about time.

I love how they compiled all of the blinky and eyerolling clips. Brilliant.

Thanks for asking me! My dime-store analysis and explanation of political geography and demographics in the Peach State:

There are several distinct political geographies in Georgia, but the most critical to understand (especially in metro Atlanta, where more than half of the population lives) involves Interstate 285 — Atlanta’s rough equivalent to 495 in DC.

Inside the Perimeter (ITP) is relatively liberal and comprised of teh Poors, teh Eeeylites, teh Gheyz, teh Hipsters and teh Old Money. It is mostly Democratic, excluding some of the Old Money (look at the Atlanta Housewives embarrassment on Bravo — they’re all nouveau riche living in suburbia) Republicans. OTP is divided between the northside’s Republicans (where I live for the time being in north Cobb Co.) and the southside’s suburban Dems representing affluent and middle-class African-Americans living in South Cobb, Douglas, north Fayette, Clayton (David Scott) and Cynthia McKinney-slayer Hank Johnson in Rockdale and DeKalb (the L is silent, dammit). Further out in the exurbs, they’re Palinish Republicans.

John Lewis represents a district that is almost entirely within the confines of I-285. ITP, he’s seen as speaking the truth. OTP, he’s seen by the Republicans of the Atlanta suburbs and other Republicans across the state as just another librul Demrat Libtard, a once-great civil rights leader who is of an old guard who should be put out to pasture. Same old argument from the Angry White Men who put Gingrich into power in 1994.

In the rest of Georgia, the Democrat/Republican split is mostly along racial and urban v. rural lines, though there still are a few white moderates and conservative Dems still kicking (Savannah is a haven for them; Augusta and Macon to a lesser extent). Opinion out there is along the same party and demographic lines.

On a meta-level, here, the electoral fight right now is less about Unicorn winning Georgia than it is defeating incumbent GOP Sen. Saxby Chambliss. Originally, Dem Jim Martin was seen as the annual Demrat sacrificial lamb; this year, the race is EXTREMELY close thanks to the Obamanon of getting higher African-American and liberal youth voter participation. And we may be surprised at how close the Geezer/Unicorn vote is in Georgia (I think may be a 51/49% split either way).

More than 1/2 million have taken advantage of early voting, which started in September (absentee here — signed, sealed, delivered for Obama), and continues until the week before election day. And the numbers point toward a high African-American turnout, which spells ill for Maverick McWalnuts, plus high numbers of youthful voters.

African-Americans + eellyte libtards like me + Hope-ful youth + convinced soccer/hockey (yes, kids play hockey here in climate controlled arenas) moms = possible white male Georgia Republican heads asploding on Nov. 4. Personally, I’d rather see Unicorn spend on NC and Va., but Ga. would be sooooo sweet.

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