Can’t Resist …

Caption this … hat tip: SanFranLefty.

Compare, and discuss.


This one really confirms the Gollumesque transformation of the Geeze that Jon Stewart featured early in the week.

I wrote this up on my, er, blog before TDS did the Gollum reference. Actually I ripped a similar one on W in June of this year.

McCain 08: We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They will help us win it! Sneaky little Rovians. Wicked, tricksy, true!
McCain 00 : No. Not Rove and Dobson!
McCain 08 Yes, precious, true! They will cheat, hurt, LIE FOR US!
McCain 00: Rove is your enemy!
McCain 08: NO! YOU don’t have any friends; nobody Repub likes YOU!
McCain 00: I’m not listening… I’m not listening…
McCain 08: You’re not a Maverick, but a coward.
McCain 00: No!
McCain 08: *BLACK BABY*.
McCain 00: Go away!
McCain 08: “Go away?”
[McCain 08 laughs as McCain 00 begins crying]
McCain 00: I hate you, I hate you.
McCain 08: Where would you be without me, McCain 08 the pander I saved us! It was me! We survived because of me!

Adobe Systems (ADBE) $2.07 — DOWN $23.96 (-92.1%)

Traders today dumped Adobe after an anchor app, Adobe Photoshop, suddenly became obsolete after John McCain’s post-debate facial expressions were sent to Internet users worldwide.

Calmly excreting a stream of red stars behind him, Obama neutralizes the last of the zombie menace.

This reminds me of a birthday card I once bought Mr. HF (we are both cat people) with a picture of a cat making face similar to PG’s.

On the front of the card, it reads “I don’t know what I ate last night, but it sure made my ass taste nasty”.

You mean to tell me that’s not a Photoshop?


As punishment, the doctor replaced Igor’s brain with the one that had been Abbe Normal’s.

For the combination of photos: “I make George Bush look humorous and intelligent, 90 percent of the time.”

Seriously, WTF was he DOING in that picture? Did anyone notice it as it was happening? Also, could he look any more like Assgrab McPsycho? Jesus, his campaign staffers must be mainlining Maalox by now.


His liver was undergoing a momentary revolt and was attacking his esophagus.

@RomeGirl: He was trying to avoid another “get out of my way, Senator” moment with the moderator, and tried a comical pick-and-roll to get around Shieff’s desk. It was totally odd IRL, but more comically so as a series of screen grabs.

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