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“Help me Unicorn! I’m falling and I won’t get up”

“No, no, no. Cindy’s not here — she’s back at the hotel. LATERS.”

Here it is from another angle.

Meanwhile, in the light of morning, and after some weird dreams, I have decided that I will throttle with my bare hands every single fucking Lynne de Rothschild/Hillary Supporter/PUMA who is still voting for McCunt after he mocked and did “air quotes” around “health and life of the mother” abortion exception. The most hard core anti-choicers normally concede that we can’t force a woman to die because of a pregnancy gone bad, and how dare he argue that is an extreme position. Any honest woman should be very, very scared. Fuck those PUMAs.

Excuse me while I grab your ass and lick it with my lizard tongue.

Looks like PG’s doing a Dane Cook Impersonation.

Not a caption, but that is the most disgusting image of Grumpy McNasty I’ve ever seen.

@SanFranLefty: I wonder how the PUMAs are taking the news that it’s essentially over for Hillary’s presznidt ambitions.

1. “My nuts!”
2. The stroll to the finish line.

Geez looks like he’s making a Calvin and Hobbes face.
Was Joe the Plumber supposed to be the October surprise?

Ack, Goony Bird going down, eject! eject!

redmanlaw: Was Joe the Plumber supposed to be the October surprise?

You know, I was thinking the same thing this morning. If so — that’s a pretty pathetic Hail Mary pass, given the grand scheme of things.

I like the alt view that SFL linked to.

“Snogging his imaginary friend”

Sometimes Geez reminds me of Don Vito Corleone lurching around the garden, chasing his little grandson.

@Ewalda: Tangentially speaking, yes I can haz Snorg Girl, both the Original and the Extra Brunette-y. Prom’s mind-meld with the hamsters must have worked.

Although occasionally I also get Best Western ads. Coincidence?

tj/Some of you may remember that the US Attorney firings in part involved the failure here in New Mexico of US Attorney David Iglesias to bring indictments against powerful Hispanic Democrats before the 2006 election. Both Sen Pete Domenici and Rep Heather Wilson made “wtf?” calls to Iglesias as regards the status of the indictments.

Back to the present: The once-powerful president of the New Mexico State Senate, Manny Aragon, a dyed in the wool liberal, but also corrupt and discriminatory towards non-Hispanics, pled gulty yesterday to accepting about $650,000 in kickbacks from a courthouse construction project. He’ll do about 5 1/2 years in federal prison if the judge accepts the plea deal. He’ll lose his license to practice law as well, but his practice consisted mainly of influence peddling, from what I understand.

Good riddance, I say. Dirty, old school pols like Aragon were in the game literally only to enrich themselves. We got a good progressive state auditor once the old one was was taken out an imprisoned, also for kickbacks. These old hacks, who were for Hillary and also were responsible for shoving John Kerry down our throats, need to go and let a new generation of public servants into leadership roles.

Snorg girl does for me what Sarah of the North does for New Republic columnists.

@Prommie: This is for you and your Snorg Girl love.

@SanFranLefty: He insulted every woman in the US and every working person whose job is threatened by NAFTA, all within a few minutes. I was hoping that Obama would jam those remarks down his wattled throat but my wife, much more sensible that I am, pointed out that it may be better for the campaign to run those clips over and over without having given McNuts a chance to rebut or apologize.

@RML: You sooooo need this for your fishing excursions.

/end TJ

“Hey Senator McCain, show us what you’d like to do to Governor Palin!”

@Dodgerblue: Well, if you and Mrs. Dodger want to really get outraged more about McCain’s air quotes insulting women, Megan C. on Jez linked to this story about late term abortion. Warning: have kleenex handy.

@JNOV: Didja see the bike and snowboard? As for the rod, a carbon fiber rod may be too stiff and fast for my casting style and fishing, although it would be fine for saltwater, big rivers and windy lakes. I like a softer medium action graphite rod in a 4, 5 or 6 wt from 7 1/2 to 6 1/2 ft. My all time fave rod was a fiberglass Sage 7 1/2 ft 5 wt that they don’t make anymore, although I’ve seen them on the ebay. Broke the tip in a mishap and it drastically changed the action. I’m all about the 8 1/2 ft 4 wt Orvis or the Wal-Mart 8 ft 5 wt from Korea I picked up for $35.

Home with a cold, not doing shit.

@SanFranLefty: Thanks, I’ve sent it to Mrs. DB and our daughters.

@redmanlaw: I missed those! Geez!

I’ve never been fly fishin’ — just off a boat or a sea wall. I don’t eat fish, so either the cats got a treat, I gave the fish to friends or I released them. Then I thought about the whole catch-and-release, and it seemed (to me) to be kind of cruel and traumatic for the fish, so I don’t do it anymore. If someone is going to eat what I catch, fine. I love to fish. One day you’ll teach me to tie my own flies, I’m sure.

ADD: Feel better. My cold is now bronchitis, plus I have a case of the blues. Manic-depression is no fucking joke! I have an appt with McCain supporting shrink next week to get the meds adjusted.

@SanFranLefty: Your link doesn’t work for me. Was it in Crappy Hour or the later post?

@JNOV: Got well enough to seal my newly tiled floor, basically mopping gunk over it. Prep was a drag, however. Lying down again.

@redmanlaw: I hate feeling like crap. And then it throws off my routine and makes going to my horrible job even more horrible. I sent out some resumes today.

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