Well Played

Please Jeebus let this be real … a daughter responds to her asshole father:


“NJ Transit owes the federal government at least $271 million for the Hudson River rail tunnel that Gov. Chris Christie scrapped last month, a federal official says. The $8.7 billion project to construct a rail tunnel between New Jersey and New York was 15 years in the making when Christie pulled the plug on Oct. 27, citing potential cost overruns.” [AP/NYT]

topless at age 65… damn she’s brave.  And, it is said, she wakes up half-an-hour early each morning to make love to her husband. [New York]

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Obama has been on the ground in Afghanistan since 11 am EST.  And we thought he was headed for Camp David … [MSNBC]

well played, sir!Most people who decide to carry on an illicit affair would, naturally, want to have an adequate and somewhat reliable cover story.  Being discreet is a given under such circumstances. You know — cheap motel, stolen moments in an office park somewhere, and all under the helpful pretense of “work-related travel.” 

But not for Mark Sanford.  Oh no.  Dude set up a tryst in South America.  He did use a cover of wanting to get away from it all for a few days, every so often.  But not telling command and control in the state you run?  Excellent! 

A stellar achievement, Governor.  We salute you!