Stinque Ups

As a tribute to our own dear Baked who, when not living up to her screen name was often to be found marrying gay men, I offer this brief guide for all you gals considering a similar choice.

First off, we are dealing with broad strokes here, people. By ‘gay man’ I don’t mean some 22 year old hardbody who has legally changed his name to his grnder profile. Or someone who actually works for a living. I mean the kind of man you might run into shopping for cashmere in Bergdorf Goodman. In his 40s he has largely become invisible to other gay men yet still has a lifetime’s learning to share with that special someone. And let’s face it, past a certain age what’s more important, faking an orgasm or having someone in your bed who understands your struggle with carbs?

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baked at happier times

Shine on, friend. I will miss so much her humor and inability to master the use of computers and log-ins.  And the on-going, never-ending Scrabble and Words with Friends games she played with me and DodgerBlue where she always kicked our asses.

She was one of a kind.

Feel free to share any thoughts below, stinquers.

baked does Manhattan