Stinque Up

baked does Manhattan


@blogenfreude: Darling, we’re all surprised you’re for reals.

And Dodger does Sandy Eggo, but like hell yer gonna see any evidence.

@nojo: If I am willing to pose with that … profile, then all of us should.

@blogenfreude: I look faaaaaabulous, thankyouverymuch. I’m just very photophobic after a childhood of Christmas camera assaults.

@nojo: When/If I get to SandyEggo, you have to pose.

@blogenfreude: I hate posing. You’re welcome to sneak a candid if I’m not looking.

Nojo at the Stinque Remote Office, December 8, 2010.

Don’t say I never did anything for you.

@nojo: Part Garrison Keillor, part … my iPad brought me to this?

@blogenfreude: Back in the day, the knock was Carl Sagan. Depends on how many months it’s been since my last haircut.

So glad she didn’t end up in an ambulance this time! You kids are adorable.

@nojo: Shopping law schools in ’94 I actually saw Sagan driving an old Rabbit convertible in Ithaca. Cornell rejected me eventually.

@nojo: Heh. I mos def see the Sagan in you. In billions and billions of ways.

Oh! He got NASA to take this picture–lobbied like a motherfucker. I will always love him most for The Pale Blue Dot.

Yo. Rock on all y’all posting pics online (no, “all y’all” is not redundant — If I start saying “Yinz” or “pop,” please kill me). Notice my pics with baked are in the clubhouse. For the children, such as.

@nojo: That looks like the bar we were at today, but indoors?

@Dodgerblue: Miles away. Drive up Washington, veer left, look for the old-school trolley sign. Or turn right, drop acid, and taunt the pandas.

@Dodgerblue: @nojo: Or turn left, go down the hill, and taunt the corpsmen.

Whole Foods/Wild Oats/Sunflower Farmer’s Market dude busted in child prostitution sting.!organicfood

@redmanlaw: Ex-Competitor with Whole Paycheck. Wonder why they didn’t keep him on when they bought him out? Some wild oats are not wholesome when sown.

STINQUERS!!! how i’ve missed you! is there a 12 step for this blog?
i think i have a problem….now i know how a dog feels when it gets debarked. after my computer crashed, i put you on the iPhone, all by myself! but couldn’t figure out how to comment. fucking retard, i swear.
so AWESOME spending time with JNOV and Bloggie. did a stinqueupandover with JNOV and have reservations at Blog’s sofa for next time in nyc. btw, how do you people tolerate -17 degrees? i was whimpering the entire 10 days.
cyn, no ambulance, but i was wheeling myself around Dad’s hospital popping demerol. he made it through surgery, send him the power of the stinque….pull out our game dodge and lefty, i’m in withdrawal.
HAPPY Valentine’s Day !! i love you all…MWAH MWAH MWAH !!!

@baked: Wishing you double word scores, Fish Called Wanda quotes and gentle island breezes wherever the fuck you be.

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