Stinque Jam

By popular demand — two requests qualifying as “popular” — the Stinque Jam awakens from its dogmatic slumber for what may be its only 2010 appearance. Unless we get heckled from the stands again.

If you’ve completely forgetten how this works, it’s simple: You send, we post. Automatically! By magic! It’s a great way to overshare with total strangers!

Beyond the Valley of the Jams [Flickr]

Once again, our monthly foray into creative destruction: You email photos, and through the magic of highly caffeinated hamsters, they show up here. (And since it’s been an issue of late, our hamsters are restricted to legal stimulants. We tried doping them once, but the rodent roid rage nearly destroyed the laboratory.)

June Jam [Flickr]

Last year at this time, we stumbled into a commenting frenzy around the Kentucky Derby, so this year we’re declaring it an annual event. Jam photos can be whatever the hell you want, as always, but remember to check back at 5:30 p.m. Eastern for our Open Thread/Mint Julep Marathon. That’ll give us an hour to get good and wasted before NBC broadcasts the most hyped two minutes in sport.

A Jam at the Races [Flickr]
April Jam [Flickr]

Rather than get caught up in a belabored analogy casting Rush in a toga surrounded by chickenshit assassins, perhaps we should explain instead that every month we provide an opportunity for readers to embarrass themselves by emailing photos, which, after a momentary pause for the NSA to analyze them, automatically show up here. But if you’re wondering, the part of Brutus remains open.

The Ides of Jam [Flickr]

If you have any Olympian dope-smoking photos, please send them directly to Stinque HQ. We’ll split the profits with you.

February Jam [Flickr]

We’re not sure how well this is going to work, but we’ve set up a special Inaugural Jam for our correspondents on the ground in DC (and String Bikini Theory in San Francisco), and we hope to post text messages as events proceed. This presumes we’re awake.

(Programming note: Pastor Doublewide is scheduled for 11:35 a.m., in case you need a bathroom break.)

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