June Jam!

Once again, our monthly foray into creative destruction: You email photos, and through the magic of highly caffeinated hamsters, they show up here. (And since it’s been an issue of late, our hamsters are restricted to legal stimulants. We tried doping them once, but the rodent roid rage nearly destroyed the laboratory.)

June Jam [Flickr]

OK, so I’m about a million years late to the party (is it June already?!).

I’m sending in photos from my trip to Fayetteville, AR, in April for the dedication of the Fay Jones School of Architecture, including a few of the residences and metal sculptures that he designed.

There’s fairly good representation of his work found on flickr by searching for “Fay Jones.” (Not to be confused with a Northwest artist by the same name, no relation).

@Original Andrew: It looks like you are the party! I couldn’t figure out what the theme might be after the Japanese ko-hee can. Those are some nice pictures.

I heard a band that I think we’d find mutually agreeable today although unfortunately the name literally went in one ear and out the other. Kind of Brian Eno-ish with a hint of that Peaches electronic wildness going on.


Was it Scissor Sisters? ‘Cause I’m a huge fan of theirs.

They’re proudly carrying on the glam rock traditions.

@Original Andrew: Actually it was Starlight Mints’ “Zoomba”, which I caught on this NPR podcast. Very eclectic mix of instruments and styles. I youtubed some of their other stuff, a mix of wildly inventive and otherwise fairly mainstream (but well-crafted) pop. “Popsickle” is hugely suggestive bubble gum.

@Original Andrew: You and your mommy are so cute.

Did you take the Sagrada Familia photo or was that from MellBell’s visit to Bar-tha-lona? That building has been under construction for 100 years, but damn how I love it.

Will send in a photo of the moonrise over SF shortly.

@Nojo/Cynica – do I need to do something for tomorrow’s book club discussion of Tillie Olson’s book? I am out of pocket Sunday by 6:45 am PDT until about 6 pm due to Sport.


The Sagrada Familia appears to be a base of operations for our International Man of Mystery, FlyingChainSaw.

And I might add that they really need to have a come-to-Jeebus moment with their contractor after a 100+ year construction period. Bah! Contractors are all crooks.

The DOJ considers the Earth Liberation Front to be a terrorist organization. Wonder if this will finally force them to add Operation Rescue to its list of terrorist organizations. …not holding my breath, though.

Finally got with the program, added a dancer from the last cabaret performance. It’s funny to see the resize algorithm’s boxes on her stripey tights.

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