DOJ to Investigate Tiller Murder

Gee, I wonder what they’ll find?

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OR is probably feeling a tad bit smug at the moment, but it’s not W’s Justice Dept anymore.

This could be a good way to smoke out the Xtian fundies who filled up the DOJ in the past eight years. Let’s see if murder snaps them out of their dear old Liberty U see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil programming.

I am still so upset about Dr. Tiller’s murder. Utterly unconscionable.

@SanFranLefty: I am without words as well … but I want those responsible to be named. Charged … if they can be, but at least shamed. If they have any shame.

@blogenfreude: Oh, I have words, honey. But I can’t say them even here. You gotta be having a drink with me to hear my words on this. Or you have to be my shrink.

Or have a drink and be my shrink.

Whatever works.


If you let your shrink drink during your sessions, you might get a discount.

That, and a whole lotta trouble.

They need to send a signal out to that entire community as soon as possible.

The one good thing is that these sad stories (Dr. Tiller’s patients’ horrible stories) are coming out, and these stories have the power to help people recognize the extremists for what they are.

At the margin, here, they are wrong, but even in a normal case, when you understand the real goal is making sure parents are at least comparatively stable and ready to raise a child, they are still wrong.

@RZ: I think I have probably driven my shrink to drink.

I should probably get a shrink.

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