February Jam!

If you have any Olympian dope-smoking photos, please send them directly to Stinque HQ. We’ll split the profits with you.

February Jam [Flickr]

lefty, the one with the camera is really cute. his fatal flaw?
he looks like ratbastard.

He is a hotty.

All three of them were giving you the come-hither eye. Pastry man especially – much better looking than what you’d see behind the counter of a Dunkin’ Donuts. Is that your new morning spot for coffee and ogling?

Is the secret code the same as last time?

@Hose Manikin: Changes every time. If you’re logged in to comment, you should be able to see it.

Ok. I’m a dumbshit. I didn’t go back and look after I logged in.

you betcha! i am truly astounded at how great looking everyone is. the last time i saw so many hotties was in lusanne, switzerland. super models are the average folk around here. in hebrew: they’re YUFFY!
i love that word. starting hebrew classes this week AND i just got my israeli passport TODAY!!! (sunday is monday here)
lovin it so far.
CAT FIGHT: the GF won’t let go. she’s calling and carrying on that RB won’t have dinner with her without me. the fucking BALLS! we are pulling out each other’s hair and wrestling by email. oy. and rat did tell her no way, i love my wife and we are back together. i heard him say it. she says he’s just saying that because i’m standing over his shoulder. he told her that 10 times already!
the fucking balls on this bitch is unreal!

@baked: Careful now she doesn’t key your car and you all end up on Judge Judy.

@baked: Bachelor #1 is my fave, and he has bedroom eyes. Teh yummy yuffy! And I agree with Benedick. As much I <3 Judge Judy, if I ever get an invite to be a litigant on her show, I’m passing and taking my lumps in regular small claims court. Same goes for any invites to Springer or Maury. While I have been known to strike a pose and holler, “You don’t KNOW me!,” I’ll be damned if that shit is making it on trash TV. No, thank you. I’ve got enough drama in my life without broadcasting it on syndicated TV.

@nojo: How is the Chris!Chris!Chris! show going? If I ever make it back to SD, I want a backstage pass.

@baked: Has he considered changing the phone number?

@Mistress Cynica:
not an option cyn. he has 3 phone numbers that would be a work disaster for him to change them.
it makes me wonder what he does say to her when i’m not there, ya know? things are still shaky with us. i’m just not ready to bail yet.

@baked: Self-preservation may be your highest duty. Does your ride have ejection seats for the passenger, driver or both?

Off to the gym to listen to uplifting hymns by Tool while on the eliptical, or I may try to read “The Culture of War” while getting the BPMs up in the cardio range. Other than that, Sunday has been church with the family, clean the house, document review, and brief nap (caused by document review). Oh, and red chili, eggs and hash browns at my mother in law’s for breakfast. Mmmmm.

Promnight, is that your little one mugging with the snowman? He’s adorable.

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