Beyond the Valley of the Jams

By popular demand — two requests qualifying as “popular” — the Stinque Jam awakens from its dogmatic slumber for what may be its only 2010 appearance. Unless we get heckled from the stands again.

If you’ve completely forgetten how this works, it’s simple: You send, we post. Automatically! By magic! It’s a great way to overshare with total strangers!

Beyond the Valley of the Jams [Flickr]

Dear God, what happened to Friday?

OK, all you dear funny people, here is why I can’t ever leave the Land That Time Forgot and return to sanity.

@Benedick: Resistance is futile.

I’m proud to be half of that popular demand–me and The Catt make a Mandate, yo! Since I requested it, I’ll throw in a few contributions later today, I promise. Chicago has not exactly been at its most photogenic, what with everything being grey and dead and overcast, but I’ll do my best.

I posted 3 and will post more later — off to the gym now to try to stay alive.

i just posted some pics along with a scandalous question for y’all.
waiting for feedback…..

@baked: Scandalous question?

BTW. I included captions explaining my pics but they don’t seem to show up. Yet another instance of noje’s unreasoning bias against all English men who are not that English man (hint: donated famed Canalletto to National Gallery to buy himself a queerpeerage)

@flippin eck: We want Bunnies!!!
@Benedick: Beautiful daylilies and dachsunds. Will you please adopt me?
@baked: I can kinda see your point. Hmmm…
Pix of my wedding should show up shortly.

@Mistress Cynica: Wot about my wood?

And no, I will not ever get over silly wordplay no matter how much y’all might hate it.


go back and look. i ask a specific question, which the answer to might explain the puzzle that is my life.

@Mistress Cynica:

right? picture the beaded ones…..multicolored, no less.

NOJO please tell me these aren’t visable to anyone but us. PLEASE.

@baked: Photos are all very public. If you need something zapped from the Stinque Stream, better tell me.

@Benedick: Until y’all can decide on a single word to describe your collective nationality, I will continue to secretly cripple functionality to piss you off. Or sod you off. However that works.


A message to all members of Team Sarah


Fox News will have a Special 2-Hour Show tonight starting at 9 p.m. ET that will include Governor Palin’s keynote at the National Tea Party Convention. Andrew Breitbart will introduce Sarah Palin tonight at the convention.

As much as I’m promising myself to get some hackwork done today, I may have to break my pledge and open-thread for that.

@baked: I just think he looks like a Republican. I know it can be confusing to an out and proud gay man like yourself but there we are.

@nojo: UK.

‘Piss you off,’ yes, ‘sod you off,’ no, can’t use it like that. You can say sod off, or sod you, and one can be a silly sod, it’s true, but one cannot get sodded off.


uh..yeah. benedick has cleared things up for me, so go ahead and zap them. thanks. except for the babies RIP.

the girl suit never fooled you. the ‘catt STILL thinks i’m a gay man.

@Benedick: I was going to add “bugger off,” but then thought better of it.

My grad-school roommate was from Manchester. But somehow the UKian question never came up.

I sent an email to god [at] stinque because, sadly, I didn’t know the sekrit email address.

I’ll resend it. I think Patty and James deserve a spot in the sun.

UPDATE: Yay! They’re in! Thanks, kids!

@baked: When you’re as Republican as that, ‘closeted’ kind of goes without saying.

@nojo: This Mancunian, at ‘grad’ school, was he there to study rioting or hooliganism? Or both?

BTW. I have seriously got to get rid of that pic of ALW. Between that and Howdy’s fish the nightmares don’t let me get any sleep.

@Mistress Cynica: Lovely wedding. And cat.

@Benedick: As it worked out, he was there to provide eye candy to our gay landlord.

OMG! Look at my dogs! Are they not the handsomest pair of Cocker Spaniels you’ve ever seen?


you dun good. i’ll post them in the clubhouse. all hail nojo.

the pics are all great, we were so due for a jam! can’t wait to study them later…i’m off to garden…and i’m taking a camera!

@karen marie: I’ve always loved a nice cocker. Yours are beauties.

@nojo: Eye candy? You sure he was from Manchester? Something doesn’t sound right.

@baked: That’s right. Flaunt your tropical paradise why don’t you?

@karen marie: My neighbor had a Cocker Spaniel who was very fond of me and showed it by peeing on my shoes whenever she saw me.

Who let the NY Public Library lions onto the beach?

@Mistress Cynica: your wedding pix are great, and you are a truly beautiful bride.

@karen marie: Your pups are very cute…regal-looking even.

@Mistress Cynica: I put a bunny butt pic in there just for you.

@iPrick: Thanks! You’re too sweet.
@flippin eck: Yay, bunny butt!!! The moonrise is gorgeous, too. “Moonrise, Hernandez NM” is my favorite Adams photo.

@karen marie: Nom, nom, nom, spaniels!! I will have to send in a photo of my dead half-breed spaniel/shepherd gorgeous girl.

was I taunting those of you in the snow zone with the San Francisco cherry blossom photos?

@Benedick: Who was the pit-bull looking doggy hanging out with the Dachsies?

Yeaaa! My baby’s photo made it up there! I could spend all day scrolling through the fur baby photos.

I’m a HUGE fan of the Jam, glad it’s back. Look for something from me that hasn’t already been over in the libro de cara.

@SanFranLefty: That’s Bruno, our brindle pit-bull boxer dog who steals tomatoes from the vine and begs for lettuce. Sad, really. The day the pond was filled with water a bright green frog appeared. Bruno spent hours in the water hunting and the frog hasn’t been seen since.

@Benedick: I didn’t realize you had a non-Dachshund in your K9 family. He’s cute!

@Benedick: The frog and dog picture is timeless. Do you have the original image file? With a little work to dig some of the detail in the dogs head and water, you’d have something specialest.

i loved looking at all the pics, but i have a complaint.
some people, i won’t mention names (benedick) don’t follow directions.
somewhere, either in the subject or body before posting, put your name somewhere so we know who took the pic! jeesh.

Are there any rules to this contest? What do we get if we win? Will I be disqualified if I post drawings or pictures I didn’t take?

@baked: Good God, it’s assumed that you know I took the picture because it’s, well, ME. Mine are the daylillies, pond, dog shots with grass. They are headed Summer 09 and Fall 09. I did provide captions but they don’t show up. I guess one needs to upload each pic separately.

@FlyingChainSaw: I do have that picture in its raw state but I’m not sure there’s much more in the way of detail. He spends hours in the streams (we have three) hunting frogs. I come across chewed bodies in the grass.

@SanFranLefty: We only have one dachshund these days since our elder died. We have the pit-bull boxery dog and a black and tan mutt.


you do know that some frogs are poisonous, right? make sure he likes the non poisonous ones!

CYN…your wedding pic is gorgeous. what a beautiful bride. you both look genuinely happy. i’m kvelling!

how did I miss this. I must start paying attention on the weekends.
its not like I am all that busy.

who posted the “summer/fall 09”?

what a beautiful place!
reading comments Im guessin that is casa benedict.
I was confused because I thought you had all dachshunds.

beautiful place. I am very jealous.

and yes, the wedding pics are great.

@Capt Howdy: It is a beautiful place. And a beautiful area. The big lake in the jam is a couple of miles away. We’re surrounded by thousands of acres of ‘forever wild’ state land.

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