It’s pretty bad there – my mom’s power is out  (she’s in Rockville, MD) and there are two and a half feet of snow on the ground. My brother-in-law, who lives 30 minutes away, will have to get in his 4WD and go rescue her. MSNBC reports collapsed roofs, tree branches falling on cars, and people unable to open the doors to their houses.


I started digging at 7:30 and just got done… and it’s STILL SNOWING!!! Argh!

Where the hell are you? I’m 100 miles north of NYC and we have clear skies and bunnies playing in the grass.

@Benedick: I am in Manhattan – lower part of the island got half an inch, and we got nothing on the UWS. Should have said – my mom is in Rockville, MD, about 40 mins from DC.

If it makes y’all feel better, it’s dumping rain in Sandy Eggo.

But before you get too excited, weather fronts pass quickly. It’ll be clear again tonight.

@nojo: And you’ll still be in Sandy Eggo.

@nojo: As the Car Guys once asked – is it better to deal with the wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes, or just to slowly be frozen to death?

there is a third option. i’m now taking my tanned face out of this coversation.


@baked: What? So you’re in the T&C again? If you’re in Israel, you’ve got the rockets and bombs to deal with ….


So that’s where Canada City’s Snow went…

@ManchuCandidate: And Chicago’s. I have a surprisingly large number of friends who are really bummed that we’re not getting any blizzards. I do not understand them.

@Nabisco: Man, isn’t it like 4 AM or something? Go to bed!

We got snowed on all day today while skiing. Cloudy, cold when the wind came up. Glad I wore the down parka. Almost skied away the martini fog from last night

I found out today that new advances in ski construction have rendered the techniques I learned 35 years ago obsolete. It’s all about initiating turns with the inner ski now, no more jamming out the outside leg and using that resistance as the basis of your turn like Ingemar Stenmark. Son of RML said he could tell I was using the new technique I learned in the (upper/advanced) intermediate clinic I took. After about six weeks of dedication, a few lessons and lots of weightlifting, SORML is doing intermediate slopes now when two weeks ago I could not get him off the bunny hill. He even beat me down to the bottom once. Awesome daddy-son adventure today. Off to a hot bath now.

@nojo: Gorgeous and clear and warm all day in Ess Eff. Storms passed through here last night and coming through tonight. I love it when it rains at night in San Francisco…the soothing noise, plus when you go out the next day, some of the human and canine excrement and crack pipes have washed off the sidewalk.

@redmanlaw: As the Clash said, it’s all about wealth weight distribution, dude. You lighten up on the inner stick just as you lean into the downhill one. I think I’d be orgasmic with the kind of powder skiing you got going out there; this season’s blizzards notwithstanding, the mid Atlantic is mostly man-made snow and ice skiing, so I haven’t really missed too much the fact that the juniors don’t care so much for the downhilling.

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