A Jam at the Races

Last year at this time, we stumbled into a commenting frenzy around the Kentucky Derby, so this year we’re declaring it an annual event. Jam photos can be whatever the hell you want, as always, but remember to check back at 5:30 p.m. Eastern for our Open Thread/Mint Julep Marathon. That’ll give us an hour to get good and wasted before NBC broadcasts the most hyped two minutes in sport.

A Jam at the Races [Flickr]

I won’t be anywhere near a computer for Derby, but I’ll be drinking juleps in solidarity with the rest of y’all.

Damn camera battery ran down and I can’t upload my pics.

Look for new pix from me on Monday.

Just on my way to the OTB. (Really does bring the Sport of Kings down to size. Perfect.)

You Stinquers in/around the Northeast ought to consider a trip up to Saratoga in August. That race track is beyond compare here stateside.

No horses better be killed this year!

I’m on the road most of this afternoon and evening.

@chicago bureau: Saratoga is a great town. I’ve stopped there a few times for lunch on road trips.

OK, one of you got that close to W and didn’t throw a shoe? For shame.

What’s the super secret address?

Nice pics. I just sent in one that is so daft I’ve always been fond of it. It’s me and the 41st president and a bunch of losers backstage at the National Theater in DC. See if you can spot who I am. (Hint: I am not wearing a dance belt)

@Benedick: You’re on the left wearing the sunburst tiara?

Who sent in the photos at the beginning? They are gorgeous.

Nabisco – you were so close, man!!!

@Benedick: Lady Liberty! I hadn’t had coffe or read your comment when I saw the pic, and thought “damn, that guy there looks a lot like Barbara Bush.”

@SanFranLefty: @Mistress Cynica: That’s me.

Aren’t landscapes beautiful. As are Miss Cyn’s pussy pics. (sorry about that. Brits and their asinine jokes. What can I tell you)

@Benedick: I have coffee mug a friend sent me from Scotland with a funny drawing of a kitty and the word ‘Pussy’ on it. I heart my pussy mug.

@SanFranLefty: In fact, I shook his hand. I probably could have done a nifty jujitsu move and pulled him down to the ground, but I did nothing. Feel free to blame me for the invasion of Iraq, Abu Grahib, the 2004 election and both Justices Roberts and Alito. I’ve got years of therapy ahead of me to try and get through it.

@Nabisco: So it’s your fault! Always good to know where to place the blame.

@Benedick: @Nabisco: I blame myself for not volunteering hard enough in 1994 on the Ann Richards reelection campaign for Governor of Texas. Had he lost then that would have been the end of him.

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