New Year’s Stinquin’ Eve

Last year we had this brilliant idea: Run a New Year’s post for every hour affecting a Stinque reader. Three or four posts in, it had become an utter mess. So this year you get one for Australia (bar’s open!), and another for the East Coast. We Left Coasters are used to having reality tape-delayed. We can deal with it.

We apologize for not having a boobtastic Fox 5 Weather Bimbo to illustrate, but the new year will be greated by a rare Blue Moon.

Now before you get all excited, a blue moon does not refer to color, nor to a cursing heavenly body, but rather a mere calendar coincidence of a full moon appearing twice in one month.

Although it may turn blue if the Russkies misfire their asteroid-destroying rocket. America had its chance, but in yet another failure of the Obama Administration, couldn’t even manage a decent Michael Bay explosion.

Blue moon to shine on New Year’s Eve [CNN]