Happy New Year!


Faceless reporter in Times Square just asked a guy wearing those 2009 plastic eyeglasses that get sold for $20 and thrown away — “are you excited about the New Year?”

Oy. That’s right up there with interviews of the coach of the losing team of the Super Bowl for the most useless teevee moment ever.

@chicago bureau: At least you get the live feed. I’ve lived all my life with a tape-delayed Times Square, which is just creepy.

(Okay, there’s always cable. But still. Dick Clark could have croaked in those three hours.)

Meanwhile I’m drunk on red, red wine and watching Mr Cyn watch some moran on ESPN try to jump a “life-size” replica of the Arc de Triomphe on a motorcycle. In Vegas, I’m sure.

Local teevee trying to be funny, and they actually came across with one:

In 2009, the Tribune in order to survive is going to merge with Streetwise. Yuk, yuk, yuk! Yuk? Anyone? Yuk?

Well, you had to be there.

@Mistress Cynica: those sorts of things inspire me to change the channel quickly.

I watched the divine Maddow’s award show instead, broken up as it was by that douchebag Carson Daly, and I’ve still got about two hours to go here on the East Coast.

I still want to throw Katy Perry into the Sarlaac Pit every time I hear her.

Big dinner, fireworks, and “El Mariachi” and the Hunter Thompson “Gonzo” documentary for movies tonight. We celebrated the East Coast New Year’s at 10 pm local time her in Santa Fe. Just chillin by the fire with the movie and a glass of wine waiting to light up the backyard with the boy and his school buddy at midnight local time.

Hey Chicago crew

I’m so confused with all the different identical looking “Happy New Year” tags. Mr. SFL and I drained a bottle of Mumm sparkling wine (not champagne) and Benziger 2005 Cab Sav with a nice dinner of porcini mushrooms, grilled steak and arugula (rocket) tossed in olive oil. We decided to avoid regular teevee and are watching a DVD of “Dr. No”

Feliz ano nuevo, sugar plums!

I heart you all, and fret about you all as your good den mother. and I will be personally insulted if ever any of you would come to the great Peoples’ Republico de San Francisco and not look me up.

20 days to regime change. I plan to either moon Rick Warren during his speech, or kiss the nearest girl.

@SanFranLefty: Ain’t I a Stinquer?

Next year I’ll keep it to one post. This year the confusion was quite deliberate…

@nojo: I’m actually getting woozy from trying to follow comments. Consider the confusion a success.

@Mistress Cynica: Among other things, I figured it would reflect everyone’s general level of drunkenness.

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