Celestial Seasonings

We apologize for not having a boobtastic Fox 5 Weather Bimbo to illustrate, but the new year will be greated by a rare Blue Moon.

Now before you get all excited, a blue moon does not refer to color, nor to a cursing heavenly body, but rather a mere calendar coincidence of a full moon appearing twice in one month.

Although it may turn blue if the Russkies misfire their asteroid-destroying rocket. America had its chance, but in yet another failure of the Obama Administration, couldn’t even manage a decent Michael Bay explosion.

Blue moon to shine on New Year’s Eve [CNN]

The Way We Travel Today TJ: Fat skinhead covered in white supremacist tattoos and wearing shirt that says Veterans Against Obama and other birther shit on my flight to Denver. Lucky for him he’s not sitting next to me and is a few rows in front of me.

Breaking Hard: Rush Limbaugh taken to hospital with likely heart attack when he learned of his Stinque Award.

@SanFranLefty: Oh, shit, I should feel guilty, at first, for a few seconds, when I thought it was real, Oh, SFL, that was a cruel, cruel joke.

@SanFranLefty: Damn, I was hoping for a paralyzing stroke so we could break into his house and take long satisfying Balantine Ale pisses in his face while reciting his litany of crimes and damning him to hell.

Oh, shit, it is true, now I am conflicted (not really, the man is truly, morally responsible for the state of our culture, spewing hate and division for 20 years.).

@Promnight: WTF are you taking about? I wasn’t joking – i got a text from Mr SFL about it. But I’m about to get on another plane so I won’t be able to find out for two and a half hours if he dies or not

@nojo: Can you include my comment about how I was praying for paralysis? Please?

@FlyingChainSaw: Bloggie has the initial post, but I’ll be revising with updates.

@Promnight: Spare the conflict. We’ll be scheduling a special tour to pee on his grave.

@nojo: Do we have to go to Hawaii to do that?

Or can we make it a tour with stops in Palm Beach and NYC? I fucking need a vacation from my vacation, so please say yes.

@Pedonator: Well, there is talk of a Stinque Maui Tour next year. We can fit it in.

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