Mighty Orygun

We take a fancy to this one, because, well, Oregon, particularly southern Oregon, land of hardy crackpots and survivalists. If, like us, you’re from hippieville Eugene, anything south is another country.

So, Central Point dude, father of four, calls the NORAD Santa hotline—

Wait, NORAD has a Santa hotline?

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We have been in frequent correspondence with four separate people in Eugene today — three of them on campus — and nobody has brought this crisis to our attention.

Also, we’re laughing our ass off.

UPDATE: A campus source informs us that the Duck Head has been found. Probably doesn’t smell any worse than usual inside.

“Oregon Congressman Peter Defazio is traveling around his district and leveling verbal body blows at President Obama. In his Eugene office Wednesday, Defazio accused the President of lacking the will to fight for the promises he made to get elected.” [KGW]

“Rep. David Wu announced his resignation from Congress today, moments after U.S. senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden called for his resignation. The Democrat said in a statement that he would leave office after Congress resolves the debt ceiling crisis.” [Oregonian]