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FLOTUS Fitness Tips

Per Stinquer Dodgerblue’s request, enjoy this video of Michelle Obama working out. I had to explain to him that she is not wearing a leotard per se, but there are a few close-ups of her pecs and deltoids. Prepare for Faux News outrage in 3…2…1. She has some mad jump rope skills. I would have either strangled myself on the rope or tripped on my face doing some of her moves.

Caption This….And Vote

(1) Caption it

(2) Should SanFranLefty change her avatar to this photo?

It hurts my eyes

Here’s some Joe Biden footage to cleanse your palate/make it all…okay…again.

Pass the mind bleach.

Stinque Proudly Presents the Next Ukulele Sensation

Road to Joy

We suppose we should be Distressed! at the (apparent) danger this freewheeling Russian daddy subjects his child to, although given the limited dashcam view, for all we know they’re alone in an empty parking lot the size of Siberia.

But watch the kid’s face. We haven’t looked like that since we rode the Hamster Wheel at Belmont Park with a fellow Stinquer last summer.

[via Know Your Meme]

Stinque-en Tax Write Offs

Since Nojo won’t do the Stinque Awards anymore, I  bring you the chance to tell all your other Stinquers about your favorite charities for anybody who is flush with Xmas/Festivus/Hannukah cash and/or needs to get a few more tax deductions in under the wire. I don’t judge why you’re donating, so everyone else should chime in.

Suggestion # 1:

Go to Planned Parenthood’s “directed donation” web page, and find the reddest state possible (i.e. Texas, Utah, Alabama, Arkansas, South Dakota), and request that 100% of your donation go to the Planned Parenthood affiliate that’s there. I’m a big fan of the Planned Parenthood clinics in Texas, especially Hidalgo County/Rio Grande Valley.

It was the best of times...

Suggestion # 2:

__________[fill in the blank, Stinquers]________

The Gorgon’s Lament

gorgonOur guest columnist was not given an opportunity to pre-approve our alt-tag.

Well my-my-my. So this is what it’s like up here. Fancy. Goodness, they have snacks. It’s a pity about the terrible burlwood coffee table, though. One might guess it’s supposed to complement the editor’s birkensock ensemble, though some might characterize the effect as more faint praise.

But I digress. What, you may ask, has prompted this post? While I cannot speak to Nojo’s lamentable lapse in judgment in giving me the keys to the castle, however briefly, I’d like to point your attention to a confluence of recent events which has given me pause. To whit:

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baked at happier times

Shine on, friend. I will miss so much her humor and inability to master the use of computers and log-ins.  And the on-going, never-ending Scrabble and Words with Friends games she played with me and DodgerBlue where she always kicked our asses.

She was one of a kind.

Feel free to share any thoughts below, stinquers.