Audience Participation

Comparative Misogyny

Maybe it’s because we’ve used to it.

Two of the three most influential comedians in our life are Bill Cosby and Woody Allen, which doesn’t say much for our track record. And although their falls from grace came long after we had grown creatively disappointed with each, the fact remains that our pleasure in Cosby’s early storytelling and Allen’s early movies has long since been darkly tinged.

But we can’t walk away from what shaped us. They is what they is.

And by now, we’ve also long since known the drill: When the news breaks, deal with it. You don’t want to defend the indefensible.

At least, we thought you didn’t.

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Good to the Last Drip

What we know, as of Friday evening, is that one or more indictments have been filed against one or more people targeted by Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in last year’s election.

We know nothing else. We don’t know names. We don’t know charges. The charges have been sealed, at least until we get a perp walk out of it. Which we probably won’t — prosecutorial courtesy — but a citizen can dream.

All we can do is speculate. Which, honestly, is more fun anyway.

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Chronicle of Our Republic’s Death Foretold

We still miss it so.

When Spy magazine first published its fateful description of Donald Trump as a “short-fingered vulgarian” thirty years ago — thirty years ago! — Trump reacted in the most Trumpian way possible: He said he knew people who knew things, and Spy would fold within a year.

Leading Spy to respond in the most Spy way possible: A monthly sidebar quoting Trump’s prediction and counting down the days, headlined “Chronicle of Our Death Foretold”.

The year ran out, nothing happened, and Spy ran a final sidebar predicting Trump’s death. And that was that.

Only it wasn’t.

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FLOTUS Fitness Tips

Per Stinquer Dodgerblue’s request, enjoy this video of Michelle Obama working out. I had to explain to him that she is not wearing a leotard per se, but there are a few close-ups of her pecs and deltoids. Prepare for Faux News outrage in 3…2…1. She has some mad jump rope skills. I would have either strangled myself on the rope or tripped on my face doing some of her moves.

Caption This….And Vote

(1) Caption it

(2) Should SanFranLefty change her avatar to this photo?

It hurts my eyes

Here’s some Joe Biden footage to cleanse your palate/make it all…okay…again.

Pass the mind bleach.

Stinque Proudly Presents the Next Ukulele Sensation

Road to Joy

We suppose we should be Distressed! at the (apparent) danger this freewheeling Russian daddy subjects his child to, although given the limited dashcam view, for all we know they’re alone in an empty parking lot the size of Siberia.

But watch the kid’s face. We haven’t looked like that since we rode the Hamster Wheel at Belmont Park with a fellow Stinquer last summer.

[via Know Your Meme]