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Stinque-en Tax Write Offs

Since Nojo won’t do the Stinque Awards anymore, I  bring you the chance to tell all your other Stinquers about your favorite charities for anybody who is flush with Xmas/Festivus/Hannukah cash and/or needs to get a few more tax deductions in under the wire. I don’t judge why you’re donating, so everyone else should chime in.

Suggestion # 1:

Go to Planned Parenthood’s “directed donation” web page, and find the reddest state possible (i.e. Texas, Utah, Alabama, Arkansas, South Dakota), and request that 100% of your donation go to the Planned Parenthood affiliate that’s there. I’m a big fan of the Planned Parenthood clinics in Texas, especially Hidalgo County/Rio Grande Valley.

It was the best of times...

Suggestion # 2:

__________[fill in the blank, Stinquers]________

The Gorgon’s Lament

gorgonOur guest columnist was not given an opportunity to pre-approve our alt-tag.

Well my-my-my. So this is what it’s like up here. Fancy. Goodness, they have snacks. It’s a pity about the terrible burlwood coffee table, though. One might guess it’s supposed to complement the editor’s birkensock ensemble, though some might characterize the effect as more faint praise.

But I digress. What, you may ask, has prompted this post? While I cannot speak to Nojo’s lamentable lapse in judgment in giving me the keys to the castle, however briefly, I’d like to point your attention to a confluence of recent events which has given me pause. To whit:

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baked at happier times

Shine on, friend. I will miss so much her humor and inability to master the use of computers and log-ins.  And the on-going, never-ending Scrabble and Words with Friends games she played with me and DodgerBlue where she always kicked our asses.

She was one of a kind.

Feel free to share any thoughts below, stinquers.

Happy Masturbation Month, Y’all!

Did you know that May is International Masturbation Month?

Well, what are you waiting for?

Get going, go on there and celebrate it!

[Good Vibrations via SFist]

Unless They’re Hanging Out Car Windows

Happy Dick Day!


Solution: Slow-Speed Car Chase Runoff…

Freeway to Be… You and Me.How to explain LA’s 16% voter turnout this week: “One problem is that polls suggest most people get their news from local television stations, which devote far more time to covering the weather — which is exactly the same 320 days a year — than to local politics and government.” [LAT, via Political Wire]

One of These First Ladies is Not Like the Other


Left: Michelle Obama, presenting the best-picture Oscar last night.

Right: The fashion critics at the Iranian news agency make it work.

Top Iran Newspaper Protects the Oscars from Michelle Obama’s Shoulders [EA WorldView, via TPM]