2012 Elections

How could adding Triumph to the GOP not be funny?

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“CANTON — Mitt Romney’s sworn testimony in a post-divorce lawsuit against Staples founder Tom Stemberg was unsealed on Thursday at Norfolk Probate and Family Court. The suit was filed in 1990 by Stemberg’s ex-wife, Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, who sought to amend the couple’s financial agreement after Staples went public in 1989 and began trading at 10 times the stock value she had received in the divorce a year earlier. Romney…testified during the lawsuit in June 1991; the nature of his testimony was not immediately clear …” [boston.com]

Will Gloria Allred finally do something that earns her our respect?

The Republican party is bracing itself – and preparing to fight back – against Gloria Allred‘s rumored “October Surprise” on Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt RomneyRadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

“We’re doing too well to risk ‘an Allred,’ she can be stopped, but it will take action on our behalf,” a GOP watchdog group blogged, asking supporters to contact Romney’s campaign headquarters, the Republican National Committee and Judicial Watch.

However, Drudge is the source, so this might be a bunch of shite:

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Is this all that went on?

It’s official:

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