100 Seconds …

Is this all that went on?


Well, they could probably have cut out some of the fat and got it down to 60 seconds or so… but yeah. That was pretty much it.

@libertarian tool: remember my promise to myself – no debates, awards shows, or conventions … and no Kardashians or Honey Boo Boo … I draw lines. Y0u telling me that Obama went on the attack is all I need.

Well, they left out the “binders full of women” and Candy’s smackdown of Mitt over Bengazi (Journamalism! Who would have thought?), which was far more interesting than watching Mitt try to outsource the debate to India.

I kinda liked that there was some back and forth. Too many of these debates feature two candidates basically ignoring each other, except to “correct the misstatement my opponent just made.”

@Serolf Divad: I agree – setting aside the fact that neither of them really addressed the questions put to them, I felt like there was an actual debate. Not Lincoln v Douglas, but also not LincolnVampireHunter v Doogie Houser, either.

@matador1015: I actually ignored the Binders comment when spoken, but it showed up in my Twitter feed almost immediately — spontaneous meme generation.

But Candy fact-checking Mitt on the spot? That caught my attention.

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