I may have to ban TPM videos if they keep cramming thirty-second ads in front of them.

@nojo: Silly me – for some reason I thought the ad was stripped off once you repost.

@blogenfreude: No fault — the ads are a recent introduction by TPM, which has begun hosting its own videos instead of running them through YouTube.

If they used original content, I could forgive them — but running their own ad against pirated cable video? That’s a bit tacky.

Mediaite also tags clips with ads, but they do it with an easily dismissed overlay. And even YouTube ads usually have a skip function after a few seconds. TPM is doing it wrong.

@nojo: Sorry, Nigella Lawson is licking honey off her fingers – say what? And yes – that means furloughed again.

@blogenfreude: I must remember to watch the foodie channels more often. “Nigella Bites”? I’ll bet she does.

@matador1015: This Canadian who cooks in the French manner is my latest fascination. The GF says “her clothes are too tight” – I say “so?”

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