Please Don’t Hate Me

“President Obama and I both care about poor and middle-class families,” says Mitt, hoping to Kolob that you don’t remember that other thing he said.

Ad Seeks to Show Romney’s Compassion [WSJ]

Mitt’s looking visibly older in this one. Methinks the makeup slave decided her paycheck was looking kind of 47%ish and took off. Also: his hair’s doing that Richard Nixon thing.

Hey, I have to make fun of something, and the blather coming out of his mouth is a bit too low-hanging, as fruits go.

Also: hah! All the close-ups and pans in that video were done in AfterEffects (or something like it): the vignette goes away when the pan or zoom action happens, like we’re zooming in on an existing image (’cause we are). Guess the cameraman was feeling a bit 47%ish as well.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: The plan to meet the already projected 12 million new jobs in the next four years. That plan.

Please Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Ultra Rich.

If Mittens actually did then Bain wouldn’t be the Bane of his existence.

He cares about real people as much as I care about the feelings of the ants that invade my house which I have to kill

How are these new jobs going to be created? Bain’s not going to bankrupt companies or outsource jobs?

@ManchuCandidate: Here’s the thing: If we’re getting 12 million new jobs anyway, whoever’s sitting in the Oval Office gets to take credit for it. Although I’m not really a fan of Plugz 2016, which reminds me too much of Gore 2000.

@nojo: Do you really think he’s going to try for it?

@rptrcub: I hope not. I hope he and Hillary enjoy their well-earned retirements. But it’s too soon to call.

Meanwhile, from Our Twitter Overlords:

Hello Nojo,

Your request to be included in Twitter Cards has been approved. We’ve activated Summary and Photo cards for

This means that story tweets should now include that cool new summary that the Big Boys have. But after a quick test, I’m not sure it applies to existing posts.

Obviously, the answer is another tax cut for trillionaires and complete deregulation of the financial crimes industry. That and tax credits for long-distance swimming lessons for people who want to move to China and find one of those jobs I shipped over there.

@nojo: On the bus today a rabidly Republican tourist and his politically ambiguous host were talking about what will happen if Obama is reelected, particularly who will replace Clinton at State. The Republican remarked, quite bitterly, that “she’s behaved herself, at least,” and my first thought was, “Which Clinton are we talking about here?”

The Veteran Combat Hair Stylist is a phenomenon, achieving a level of public revulsion that took Nixon 6 years to achieve.

Glad you posted this, NOJO. I was thinking of doing the same. What we have here is nothing less than Mitt Romney’s “I am not a witch” moment. It’s the point at which the campaign feels the need to run an ad assuring potential voters that the candidate is not as much of a pathetic joke of a candidate as they are starting to realize he is. When a candidate feels compelled to run an “I am not a witch ad” it’s pretty clear that it’s all over but the voting.

@IanJ: Dude. Our miniaccidentalstinqueup was, like, whoa.

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