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Considering what has happened to his campaign, I’m surprised that his bumper stickers could stick.

All that Citizens United Money is not helping even in the down ballot races. It looks like the Demrats will hold onto their Senate majority with a few gains and the GOPers hold on the House might be in jeopardy.

@ManchuCandidate: Those polls aren’t taking the voter suppression into account, so whatever number goes to Black Eagle and/or a Dem, subtract four from it.

@SanFranLefty: Although they just got caught in the swing states committing registration fraud and have to suspend all registration efforts in those states going forward. That might moderate the suppression a bit…

Also PA court stopped voter fraud fraud. Since PA is leaning toward the Black Eagle, this is very bad news for Romboto and his Brooks Brother Brahs.

I call bullfeathers on that picture. Never underestimate the ability of posthumously baptized “Mormons” to pull the lever for Romney in the swing states.

@flypaper: Wow! Who knew what they had in mind for those ‘posthumanoids’. It’s that kind of thinking that made this country great. Kudos to the LDSers.

Photoshoppery most foul. Where is there snow on the ground in ‘Murica right now?

@IanJ: Alaska? It’s probably a fake, but it’s not exactly Bush’s-Air-National-Guard-records-level important, so I don’t care.

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: Well, half the swing states…

Supression’s been my only worry all year — the polls have shown a consistent, comfy 250-200 electoral lead in solid states, plus any one or two swing states of your choice.

How to combat that, aside from lawsuits and such? The ground game — and Obama has roughly twice as many warm bodies where it counts. It’s all about organization.

But supression remains the wild card, despite the broader context looking good. I wouldn’t necessarily subtract four points, but as Axelrod says, that’s what keeps me from irrational exuberance.

@mellbell: Either fake, or last winter — when it also would have been appropriate. But I’ll settle for smug.

@mellbell: I was wondering about that, so I checked the Anchorage (granted, about as far south in Alaska as you can get) weather: 40 and raining.

I’d love to believe it’s real, but my cynicism is running 80/20 against my optimism.


It’s below freezing in Fairbanks right now (noon PST) and there has been a recent severe storm (including winds over 100mph).

So it is possible.

The picture appears to have been added by @DAKGirl, a person living in Alaska, who previously posted a photo of snow on a roof. I’m actually leaning towards “real” now.

EDIT: Although she claims it was spotted in Tennesee, where I’m pretty sure there’s no snow on the ground. Never mind, leaning back toward faked.

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?:

You can see the same halo around the word “Deli“, it’s just not as noticeable on the red background. It looks more like an artifact of the digital camera rather than fakery.

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