Yes, Please, Tell Us More About That Time You Leveraged a Company, Offshored Its Jobs, Then Bankrupted It for a Profit

“The most important [debate] anecdotes, aides say, may not even be family stories, but memories from his days at Bain Capital. Bain Capital’s rise from an offshoot of a consulting firm to a major power in the private-equity world is something Romney takes prides in, and his advisers hope that the candidate defines those years on his own terms.” [NRO, via TPM]


He could burnish his just-like-almighty-Raygun cred by chatting up how he built Bain with money from backers of right-wing death squads in South America:

@Dodgerblue: But Coquille is such a nice town. Why they would choose to reenact a Deadwood scene is beyond me.

I’m not sure anymore if Mittens Campaign is the greatest trolling in political history, next to the Swiftboating Lurch, or the most incompetent tour since Spinal Tap’s 82 US Amercia Tour.

@ManchuCandidate: In Mitt’s case, it’s the lead singer who keeps blowing up.

It’s too bad folks just don’t understand the new capitalism . . . these hedge funds, call them what you will, just suck all the air out of the room or to put it another way, they just suck all the money out of the economy. Since the US doesn’t create much in the way of capital anymore, we just shuffle the money around until the finance people end up with the lion’s share.
Check out the “Super Rich Irony” story in the New Yorker.

@BobCens: Since the US doesn’t create much in the way of capital anymore… Hollywood? Broadway?

@Dodgerblue: No doubt it’s a heroic, but futile, attempt to sacrifice himself to prevent a bacon shortage.

@Benedick: You refer to the tax evasion industry? I believe they spend more on marketing than on product. Aren’t most of “Hollywood” products actually made elsewhere? Canada? Iceland? Eastern Europe?

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