One More Zombie Campaign Video and It’s a Trend

Following in the staggered footsteps of Gary Johnson, we’re proud to present John Dennis, Zombie Hunter. Speaking of zombies, Dennis lost to Nancy last round by 65 points.

[via Political Wire]


3:12 pm • Monday • October 1, 2012

When does Rick Grimes appear?

5:13 pm • Monday • October 1, 2012

It’s getting to the point here where it’s news when a politician is not facing corruption charges. Here’s the latest corrupt AZ politician.

6:53 pm • Monday • October 1, 2012

So, the guy is supposed to come out this looking like a better deal than the faux Polosi?

9:06 pm • Monday • October 1, 2012

In other news, the Nationals have stranded runners on third in the last two innings. (And Teddy lost, yet again.) I see that Lefty’s Giants and Dodger’s, uh, Dodgers face off tonight. May the best team win!

10:25 pm • Monday • October 1, 2012

You have to admit that was pretty awesome. He’ll lose like a motherfucker, but I LOVE that ad.

1:59 am • Tuesday • October 2, 2012

@mellbell: We did!! Walkoff single, bottom of the 9th by a young kid from Mexico. I love baseball.

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