October Surprise

Will Gloria Allred finally do something that earns her our respect?

The Republican party is bracing itself – and preparing to fight back – against Gloria Allred‘s rumored “October Surprise” on Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt RomneyRadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

“We’re doing too well to risk ‘an Allred,’ she can be stopped, but it will take action on our behalf,” a GOP watchdog group blogged, asking supporters to contact Romney’s campaign headquarters, the Republican National Committee and Judicial Watch.

However, Drudge is the source, so this might be a bunch of shite:

As previously reportedDrudge Report founder and respected politico, Matt Drudge, tweeted Thursday: “Here she comes. Hearing Gloria Allred out there again, about to make a move. After all, it’s her time of the campaign. Team O at the ready!”

Wonder what it could be … the tax returns? A sister wife? Hookers?

Republicans Try to Stop Gloria Allred [Radar Online]


2:05 pm • Sunday • October 21, 2012

She doesn’t have much cred in the So Cal legal community. If it’s underage hookers or whatever, she better have the video.

2:17 pm • Sunday • October 21, 2012

@Dodgerblue: if there’s anything I’m guessing it’s some sort of fraud accusation around his business. I can’t envision a sex scandal, but stranger things have happened.

2:54 pm • Sunday • October 21, 2012

Maybe one of those binders full of women filed a harassment suit against Staples.

3:42 pm • Sunday • October 21, 2012

@WaltTrombone: Talk about having a wish list!

6:33 pm • Sunday • October 21, 2012

My money is on him underpaying the undocumented La Jolla household help, a la Meg Whitman.

10:52 pm • Sunday • October 21, 2012

Oh please let it be hookers.

11:08 am • Monday • October 22, 2012

@SanFranLefty: That makes sense. Underpaying them under the table so as to screw over the employee and the government.

1:31 pm • Monday • October 22, 2012

Stains on temple garments. DNA to follow.

3:49 pm • Monday • October 22, 2012

Oh please Pastafarian Gods of Justice, whatever she’s got on Mitt, please let it involve Mitt, Mormon choirboys and Utah sheep.

4:54 pm • Monday • October 22, 2012

Not to be outdone, The Donald says he has something “very big” on Obama. Let the games begin.

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