George McGovern (1922-2012)

Things would have been so different …


Who here is the Frank Lloyd Wright fan?

Phoenix preservationists need help to convince the City Council to grant landmark status to a house he designed for his son. It’s in danger of being torn down by its new owners. Please sign this petition.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: that would be me … I’ve seen so many of his buildings. Will sign.

@blogenfreude: Thanks! It’s so embarrassing that demolishing a building like this is even considered. Historic preservation is difficult around here, but we’re home to Taliesin West for crying out loud.

1972 was the year I was subject to the Draft lottery and the first election I could cast a vote for President. My birthday came up as #309 and I voted for McGovern.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: According to Zillow, it appears that the previous owners lost $1 million on the property, having sold the house for less than the purchase price in 2009. A pocketbook punishing gut-punch like that indicates they must have been pretty desperate to sell, which must be how the developers got their claws into it.

The saddest part is the the developers probably can’t wait to tear it down and build AZ’s five millionth “Spanish colonial” or “adobe revival” mockmansion.

@libertarian tool: I hit the doughnut hole between the lottery and registration. I did check my number those years anyway, but I don’t recall whether I hit the virtual jackpot.

When McGovern ran for president, we were living in Massachusetts. Of course my husband and I both voted for McGovern, and it was at least some consolation that he won our state. Our poor country remained saddled with that appalling apotheosis of mediocrity and his minions.

My grandpa was laid off in the summer of 1972 and got a job with the McGovern campaign which helped tide him over until the next thing came along. So, if nothing else, thanks for that, George.

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