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My Lawn is My Castle.

Okay, let’s face it. It’s been a rough year.

So, maybe not as rough as the year before, and definitely not as bad as 2008-2009, but still pretty rough, all things considered. Overt racism seems to have made a comeback of late, and Boehner and the rest of his jackanapes still arglebargle and caper in the House to the detriment of common decency and good governance. Unemployment hovers around 7 percent, and they decided not to put the pilot for Joe Hill’s Locke and Key on the air, which is holding up the goddam movie.

These, and many, many more things, suck this year. Miley Cyrus sucks. Kanye West is an idiot. Michelle Malkin still has a column, and what the hell is going on with this heathcare website thingie? Get it together, Mr. President, I have to sit through my conservative relatives comparing the ACA to Dachau all weekend because of this. Also, really tired of Louis Gohmert. Reaaaaaaalllly tired. I’d like some fresh wingnuts, please, if I have to deal with wingnuttery at all.

Still, the reason for the holiday, ostensibly, is to give thanks. And as many of us can’t see the forest of gratitude for the trees of student loan debt; unemployment; and discrimination against lady-bits, sodomites, and general brown-ness; I offer here ten gems. Ten reasons to be thankful this turkey season.

You’re welcome. Pass the potatoes.

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gorgonOur guest columnist was not given an opportunity to pre-approve our alt-tag.

Well my-my-my. So this is what it’s like up here. Fancy. Goodness, they have snacks. It’s a pity about the terrible burlwood coffee table, though. One might guess it’s supposed to complement the editor’s birkensock ensemble, though some might characterize the effect as more faint praise.

But I digress. What, you may ask, has prompted this post? While I cannot speak to Nojo’s lamentable lapse in judgment in giving me the keys to the castle, however briefly, I’d like to point your attention to a confluence of recent events which has given me pause. To whit:

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